"With Friends Like These..." is the nineteenth episode of Season Six of Criminal Minds.


Still reeling from Prentiss's "death", the BAU is called to Oregon to investigate murders committed by a suspected gang active in Portland, which is targeting a new victim every night.

Guest Cast

  • Taylor Brock - Doctor
  • Ivar Brogger - Minister
  • Nancy Daly - Mrs. Donnolly
  • Lexi DiBenedetto - Sarah
  • Bug Hall - Ben Foster
  • Zachary Haven - Evan
  • Hugh Holub - Priest
  • Amanda Daisy Leak - Young Mrs. Foster
  • Chad Lindberg - Tony
  • Liz Loza - Clerk
  • Matt McTighe - Matt
  • Max Napolitano - Philanthropist
  • Debbie Pollack - Mrs. Foster
  • Wendy Schenker - Detective Colbern
  • Samantha Shelton - Yolanda
  • Nathan Sheperd - Young Ben Foster (Age 5)
  • Cody Sullivan - Young Ben Foster (Age 10)
  • Greg Van Dyke - Bus Driver
  • Vanessa Vaughn - Karen Heywood
  • Robert Wu - Paul Jones

Referenced Criminals


  • "Bossa Baby" by Jon Ernst
  • "No Man Is An Island" by Losers
  • "Piano Concerto No.20 In D Minor" by Allegro Extreme Music

Bookend Quotes

  • Spencer Reid: Lizette Reese wrote, "The old faiths light their candles all about, but burly truth comes by and puts them out."
  • Derek Morgan: Siddharta Buddha said, "It is not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways."


  • The episode's title is a reference to the phrase "With friends like that/these, who needs enemies?" It is used whenever one's perceived friend treats him or her in an unpleasant way.
  • Taylor Brock, the actress who plays a doctor, previously appeared in the season, appearing as Doctor Weingold in the episode Today I Do.

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