What were you going to do? What if I hadn't shown up? Were you going to kill her? Huh?

William "Will" Harris is an ephebophilic serial rapist-turned-killer who appeared in Season Four of Criminal Minds. He is one-half of a killing team that also includes Steven Baleman.


William was born sometime in 1965 and grew up in Columbus, Ohio, before moving to Atlanta, Georgia, where he lived for twenty years. At some point in his life, he married a woman named Sharon and had a daughter named Andrea with her. Sometime prior to Soul Mates, he was charged with rape and abduction in Atlanta, but the victims had refused to testify and the charges were dropped. As a result, on July 2008, he moved his family to Sarasota, Florida, claiming that it was to escape the stigma that had been placed on him and his family. Soon after arriving, William and his family participated in a neighborhood block party, where William met Steven Baleman. Through careful suggestion and innuendo, the two realized that they shared the same predatory personality. They would soon begin their mutual killings.

Soul Mates

William is first seen giving Andrea a driving lesson. When he is interrupted by a page, he tells her that he has to go. Andrea is upset, but William reassures her by stating that he plans on giving her the car as soon as she gets her license. This excites her and causes her to hug him, but William warns her that she needs to keep her grades up if she wants to keep the car. At that moment, another neighborhood girl and one of Andrea's new friends, Lisa, approaches and tells him that he has to talk to her father, causing him to acquiesce and leave. Shortly after, local police, led by Detective Linden, pull up and confront William. He is told that he is being arrested for the abduction of Missy and the murder of the three other victims. They take him in as Andrea, Sharon, Lisa, and several neighbors watch. As he is being led away, William assures Sharon that it is a mistake and he will be home soon. The BAU is awaiting the officers when they arrive at the local police station.

At the police station, Rossi explains that William matches the profile of their unsub: a successful family man who lives and works in the area. The probable cause for the arrest was there and they just don't have the evidence that they need to prosecute the man, as Linden didn't believe that the unsub wouldn't keep the victim nearby. As a result, they must dig through all areas of his life while Morgan and Rossi handle the interrogation. Another reason behind the arrest was that the unsub holds his victim for 48 hours before killing her, and Missy was just abducted yesterday; as long as they hold William, he won't be able to finish her off. William points out that by the time the authorities realize that he is telling the truth, Missy could be dead. Reid gets into William's computer, with Garcia on a remote connection. Garcia says that William has covered his tracks well, but she can follow them.

After hacking around the computer for a while, Garcia finds blog entries sent to and from another individual that appears to be a correspondence between a pair of lovers. Reid realizes that the messages are only coded to appear that way and that the collaboration may be between a killing team. Back at the police station, Rossi tells William that they have found the messages and demands to know where Missy is. William says nothing. Then, Detective Linden bursts into the room, telling the group that Missy's body has been found. William smiles, saying "I told you so" (referring to his earlier statement), which enrages Linden, much to his satisfaction. At this point, after the medical examiner tells the BAU that Missy had only died several hours before, they realize that William's partner must have killed her. They tell William that if he and his partner had only sex, they would never have the urge to abduct and kill the previous young women.

Later, a call is received saying that Andrea Harris is now missing. It is assumed that William's partner, Steven Baleman, must have taken her. Sharon says that Baleman had been checking in on them while William was in custody, and she believes that Andrea had followed Baleman after he had an argument with Sharon. William is then convinced to lead the team, while wired, to their hideout, a warehouse near the docks. William bursts in and removes Andrea's gag. He asks Steven why he had taken Andrea, telling him that their family members were always off-limits and mentioning Steven being responsible for Missy's murder. The BAU now has enough evidence to arrest them both. Andrea backs off, confused, and runs out. The BAU come in and arrest both William and Steven. Andrea reunites with her mother as both leave the scene.


William was feeling incomplete: he didn't begin killing until he met his "soul mate". The longer the two got away with their crimes, the stronger their relationship grew. They are not just addicted to rape and murder, these two are addicted to each other. Harris is dominant, self-confident, and the other is willing to be led.
-Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, and Aaron Hotchner

The initial profile given to the Sarasota Police Department said that the unsub would be a highly functioning, successful family man who lives and works in the area and has a record of similar crimes.

Modus Operandi

No in-depth details, other than rape and strangulation, were mentioned about the cause of death. The victims were always black and white college girls who the two abducted (with the exception of Missy DeWald, who attended a local high school). They would abduct the girls on different times of the day, bind their arms and legs together, cover their mouths with duct tape, and put them in a car. They brought the girls to an abandoned warehouse, where they took turns raping them before killing them two days later. They then dumped the bodies in random locations. Considering that the police initially suspected only one person was responsible for the murders, they presumably wore condoms during the rapes as a forensic countermeasure. When he raped alone, he would presumably target the same type of victims he targeted with Steven and either blindfold them or wear a mask.

Real-Life Comparison

William is similar to Dennis Rader. Both were sexually-motivated, psychopathic serial killers who were successful family men well-known in their communities, targeted women and killed their victims by strangulation (though this was only one of Rader's killing methods). William is also similar to William Bonin, a.k.a. "The Freeway Killer". Both were sexually sadistic, ephebophilic serial killers and rapists who shared the same first name, raped at least two victims prior to their killings, had accomplices to their murders, killed their victims by strangling them (though this was only one of Bonin's killing methods), and killed their victims so they would never be arrested for their crimes again.

Known Victims

  • 2008:
    • Pre-July, Atlanta, Georgia:
      • Unnamed woman (abducted and raped only)
      • Unnamed woman (abducted and raped only like the previous victim)
    • November-December, Sarasota, Florida:
      • Kim Groves (raped and killed)
      • Unnamed victim (raped; was also killed by either him or Baleman)
      • Unnamed victim (raped; was also killed by either him or Baleman)
  • January 10, 2009: Missy DeWald (abducted and presumably raped; was killed by Baleman the next day)



  1. Because only one victim can be positively attributed to him, with the perpetrator of the other two murders up in the air, William isn't individually classified as a serial killer. However, he is considered a serial killer alongside Steven.