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Wil Wheaton3
Name Richard William Wheaton III
Birth Date July 29, 1972
Birth Place Burbank, CA
Family Ann Prince (spouse, 1999)
Years Active 1982-present

Wheaton as Wesley Crusher in ST:TNG

Wil Wheaton is an American actor. He is most well known for his portrayal of Wesley Crusher in FOX's Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Wheaton made his acting debut in the 1981 TV film A Long Way Home. His first cinematic role was as Martin Brisby in The Secret of Nimh. In 1986, he gained popularity when he starred as Gordie LaChance in Stand by Me, the film adaptation of Stephen King's novella The Body. Shortly after, he landed the role of Wesley Crusher in ST:TNG. When this role ended, he played small bit parts on various TV series, and moonlighted as a product "evangelist" and tester. He has also made a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory as himself.

Personal LifeEdit

Wheaton describes himself as a non-religious person, but not quite an atheist. He has, however, lived by a strict code of personal values of tolerance, charity, and compassion.

Other WorkEdit

Along with acting, Wheaton also provided voice-overs for several video games.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Wheaton portrayed serial killer and rapist Floyd Hansen in the Season Four episode Paradise.

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