I don't care what your office says. Any help you can give is good in my book.
Walker to Hotch and Rossi in "Penelope"

Detective Walker (first name unrevealed) is a minor recurring character who first appeared in Penelope.


Nothing is known about Walker, other than the fact that he became a detective and was working in Washington, D.C. by the events of "Penelope".


Walker was part of the security detail for Garcia after she was shot by a serial killer. When the unsub attacks Garcia's apartment and kills a police officer on patrol, Walker is visibly upset about the shooting.

Nameless, Faceless

Two years later, Walker assists the BAU when a budding spree killer kills two Hispanic men and subsequently threatens to kill Jeffrey Barton, the son of trauma surgeon Tom Barton.

When Jeffrey goes to his high school for safety, Walker helps the BAU in securing the area and, after it is feared the unsub might go on a killing spree, evacuating the school.



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