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    Linda Barnes

    March 8, 2018 by Unsub-Genius6


    She getting put the blame of an unsub's death on the team when it was all her fault and she gonna get rid of one of them in the next episode, and I thought I hated Elle and Strauss more but this woman is just makes me so annoyed, I maybe bit of a narcissist but I don't want to kill her

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    Watch all this episodes in order to understand the Replicator Story Arc in Season 8

    The Silencer

    The Apprenticeship

    Magnificent Light




    Carbon Copy

    Brothers Hotchner

    The Replicator

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    Season 1

    Plain Sight because it was the first episode I ever saw of Criminal Minds.

    Season 2

    The Boogeyman because it was the last episode with Elle because I can't stand her

    Season 3

    About Face because Rossi first episode and I like him better than Gideon

    Season 4

    A Shade of Gray because well I just like it

    Season 5

    The Internet Is Forever because it's my most favorite episode in the entire series

    Season 6

    The Stranger because it's just like a horror movie, and I'm a fan of horror movies

    Season 7

    Profiling 101 because it's just a favorite of mine

    Season 8

    #6 because It reminded me of a movie I saw one time but forgot what it was called

    Season 9

    What Happens in Mecklinburg because I would do the same if dirt bags rape and kill my sister or any woman I careā€¦

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    Creepiest Unsub

    November 17, 2017 by Unsub-Genius6

    I watched all the episodes from season 1 through 12, and some of those psychos are just plain creepy and the most creepiest is Billy Flynn, because I've seen a lot of Tim Curry horror movies like the classic It, so I believe that Flynn is the creepiest one ever, if you think another unsub is creepy tell me in the comments below.

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    Breaking the tie

    July 18, 2017 by Unsub-Genius6

    After reading the Justin Leu page and in the notes it saids that he and Kevin Decker are tie with the most inspirations of previous unsubs but I need to point out on Justin's page Peter Redding is referenced twice and so that make Justin has 16 and Kevin has 17 so Kevin Decker has the most inspirations.

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