Hello. This is my first blog post, so I'm still learning the ropes to this.

I am highly interested in adopting this very Wikia. My history and experience with it is very long and detailed. I've edited here faithfully and regularly since 2011 (I probably have the highest edit count of all the other users, even the admins), and as a devoted fan of Criminal Minds, I believe I have a great understanding of the show, which would be of a great benefit to the Wikia. Since the admins have apparently gone AWOL since the end of 2016, the users have been coming to me for advice and questions, and I've been coordinating other users in edits for the most part. I've also lately been responsible for the creation of several important articles, such as ones for characters, actors, and even relevant terminology.

From my long experience with this Wikia, I do believe I have what it takes to supervise and manage it to the best of my ability. I would certainly feel humbled if I was chosen to take this next step.

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