• Team hotch

    Just Shoot it!

    September 28, 2012 by Team hotch

    The case was over and a drink was in order; it had been a very long tiring week for them all with little time for anything other than catching a rather brutal unsub. Aaron Hotchner offered his apologies but after a week away he wanted to be with his son, he'd missed him a lot.

    After he left though Rossi came up with an idea, an idea the rest of the team agreed with and thought would be a perfect end to a long week.

    "So were agreed then? Since Hotch can't come we'll get beer and go to his place?" Rossi was delighted by everyone's agreement. "We'll get a cab from here then save any of us driving."

    Decisions made they made sure the office was in order and initial reports were completed, they made a quick stop to pick up supplies and thankfully t…

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