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  • Profiler10

    Hi everyone, here's a new sneak peek of Season 13's third (actually fourth) episode, Blue Angel.

    !!!!! WARNING - SPOILERS AHEAD !!!!!!!



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  • Profiler10

    Hi everybody. This post is in relation to one of our pages here and we need a vote to resolve this issue.

    Recently, we renamed our page PTSD to PTSS after it was referred to as such in the thirteenth season's premiere by Alvez. Today, a user brought to my attention that in the real world, there may be no such thing as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Disorder is still the accepted term. Now I found this definition minutes ago that goes against this claim. It comes from the website of an specialist organization. I will include it below. We need to decide which version to use in our page and this decision is too much to give any one person, even an admin, the power to decide. So we will have a vote as to what to do. I will allow 4 days before…

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  • Profiler10

    We all seem to be creating blogs and discussion posts about the new upcoming episodes.

    While my colleagues J.D. and Zach are already doing a great job of managing info about the new season in their own blogs and episode pages, I feel that with the timeline of the series being hard to keep track of I feel all of us actively participating in creating new articles should all be aware that the next episode To A Better Place will take place roughly six weeks after the deaths of Stephen Walker and Peter Lewis, so in other words late May, early June as opposed to early October as would be expected. Verified by executive producer Harry Bring.

    I'll keep you all updated with Criminal Minds news as I recieve them.

    Sincerely, Reese.

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  • Profiler10

    Wiki Adoption

    August 10, 2017 by Profiler10

    Hello. My name is Profiler10 and I am interested in adopting this wiki.

    I joined the FANDOM Community in May of this year after years of editing as an anonymous user, having edited primarily on the Criminal Minds Wiki. I contribute to pages on here daily and, in the short time I've been here, I've become one of the top contributors to major articles created long before my arrival. I am a huge fan of the series and I know most, if not everything, there is to know about the show as well as its continuity and production. I have a strong working knowledge of the content of the series and am up to date on all the latest news/announcements, including changes to the main cast and special/recurring guest stars. I believe this would prove to be a va…

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