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  • I live in Atlanta, Georgia
  • I was born on May 17
  • My occupation is An Author and Heir
  • I am Returning To Win Back The Fake Love Of My Life
  • Echo Spy

    Ready to play the game of your life?

    Inspired by Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and Riverdale, my FanFiction story is set at a coed boarding school in the Canadian Pacific Northwest. Four charming and manipulative boys practically run the school (secretly and in the dark, of course). Partaking in "The Lying Game," they hold elaborate pranks against the students and staff while seeing if they can keep and maintain the biggest lies. Eventually, one of their pranks leads to the death of the most popular boy in school. No one knows that except for them, and the mysterious person who starts to threaten them, bent on revenge. And what better way to do that than pin "The Lying Game" against the boys who play it best? In their journey to discover …

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    Hello everyone,

    This is your bureaucrat speaking on a very important matter that pertains to you and me and all Criminal Minds Wiki users. I have discovered the start of a duplicate wiki created by a user named Callie1994, titled I am saddened to hear that someone would create another wiki on a topic that we already cover from left to right, top to bottom, through hell and back (catch the pun?) for the purpose of repeating information we already possess. All silliness aside, please immediately go to (or if the link isn't working, simply go to and click on the Discuss tab on the navigation header at the top, then click on my post) and vote (By leaving a reply…

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    Wiki Adoption

    August 12, 2017 by Echo Spy

    Hello, Criminal Minds Fans!

    Let me start off by saying this won't be the most perfect post ever, lol. I'm MasterMystery A.K.A Jay. I've been watching the show for so long, so I do know more than the basics, but I have joined recently and I've been making sure that these articles are tended for and updated alongside my incredible peers in this cool community.

    This wikia has tried twice on creating a new admin, but both times failed because said users had been in a conflict that has since been resolved. I admit I was part of that conflict, but only as a therapist in remediating each side. I do not represent a conflict of interest but a buffer zone. I am Switzerland, your epitome of "true neutrality". Some members have nominated me or voiced th…

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