I'm not quite sure what to expect from Jennifer in the upcoming season. All I can do is watch the season all the way through and hope she meshes well with the rest of the cast. 

I remember being so apprehensive about Jeanne when she joined the cast. Not because of me feeling like she couldn't act, I've seen her other work and I know for a fact that she's a wonderful actress, but because of her character and me being such a huge Spencer Reid fan that I felt like another super intelligent character with a PH.D would just step on Reid's toes. I know now that, that didn't happen and though it took a while, I appreciate Blake for what she was and regret that we only had her for two seasons.

With Hewitt, I don't know what to expect, I'm not really a fan and her career to me seems like it's mostly her playing into the whole, pretty girl, pretty face thing. I know a lot of people are going to get on me for saying that but I'm sorry that's my point of view.

When the season starts, I hope she knows how to convey the atmosphere of the show and fit in. Otherwise, poor girl won't make it through the first block. 

I'm going to keep my judgements down and try to go into it neutral and it seems like I'm failing but this is just me reacting to the news. Yes, I know. I'm late but still. First reaction, knee jerk reaction. 

If she does well, I'll most definitely eat my words, graciously and with all the props to Jennifer.

I just...I had hoped that they would keep the cast to just the core characters. I wanted Blake's departure to be the last role exchange. I hoped it would close the door on anymore additions because I believe that the cast could survive with simply Hotch, Rossi, Morgan, Reid, JJ, and Garcia. I know Paget is not coming and will not be returning but in my opinion, those are the characters who have the bond. The strongest bond because that is the longest cast lineup. From season 3 to season 7. Yes with some breaks inbetween but the longest running lineup nontheless. And I know that I'm in agreement with a large part of the fanbase that those seasons were some of the best seasons. Season 5 being my favorite season.

I'm going into season 10 neutral but I can't help but be apprehensive.

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