Travis Henson was an accomplice of Owen McGregor who appeared in Angels.


Little is known about Travis's personal life, other than he was a drug addict who tended to frequent a crack house and a pool hall in Joe's Bar. He also once cut a prostitute named Belinda Clark in the back during an unspecified incident. In addition, he befriended another prostitute named Abigail Jones, often flirting with her and buying drinks for her. At some point, Travis became the confidential informant to Owen McGregor, a corrupt Sheriff's Deputy in Silverton, Texas, who headed a wide variety of criminal businesses that came to employ even his own colleagues.


Travis is first seen at Joe's Bar with another barfly when Morgan, Reid, and Deputy Marty Bennett arrive to interrogate Dinah Stidham about Abigail, who had been murdered by McGregor. When Abigail's name is brought up, he tells Reid when and where he last saw her, and then learns that she was killed. This surprises him, and he tells Reid about his small friendship with Abigail. Later, Travis is seen at a crack house doing drugs with three others, when he is confronted by Preacher Justin Mills, who had been pointed to him by Dinah as a potential suspect in Abigail's murder and others. Believing Travis is framing him for Abigail's murder and others, Mills attacks and holds him at knifepoint. Under questioning, Travis denies any involvement; Mills believes him and tells him to make sure that the real perpetrator shows himself before leaving.

Sometime later, Travis is approached by McGregor, who convinces him to set up a trap for Mills (intended to be the Deputies' patsy for the murders), promising to give him drugs in return. Travis calls Mills on his cellphone, telling him that he found the killer and even has the gun used to kill the victims. When Mills asks where they can meet, he proposes the local El Lobito's Diner. Mills agrees to the plan and hangs up. Moments later, McGregor approaches Travis again; Travis fearfully tells him that he did what he said, and McGregor nonchalantly praises him. Seemingly relieved, Travis asks for the drugs, but McGregor instead pulls a .45-caliber M1911A1 pistol and turns the safety off. Realizing what he was doing, Travis exclaims "No, no!" before being shot in the chest and instantly killed. McGregor then proceeds to transport Travis's body to El Lobito's Diner and sets it up alongside the bodies of Belinda and another prostitute, all for Mills to find.


No official profile of Travis was made by the BAU, since they were focused on the ring of corrupt Deputies.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified date: Belinda Clark (assaulted; cut in the back)


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