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"The Juárez Ripper" is the name given to a prolific serial killer(s) who is/are believed to have perpetrated a series of violent murders against women in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico since the beginning of 1993.

Brief Case History Edit

The first victim attributed to the Ripper was Alma Farel, who had been raped and strangled in the Campestre Virreyes district. Subsequently, sixteen more women were found murdered under similiar circumstances, some with slashing wounds in their breasts, a trait which would later result in the press dubbing the killer, "The Juárez Ripper". A year later, in 1994, eight women were murdered in Ciudad Juárez, all the cases ended up being unsolved. That same year, a criminologist named Oscar Maynez Grijalva told police that there was a very high chance of a serial killer or a group of serial killers active in the city, but he was not taken seriously. In 1995, even more women were murdered, with a total of nineteen victims by mid-September and twenty-nine in the remaining months. The murders continued for several years, many suspects were arrested but strangely enough, the murders seemed to escalate each time a suspect was identified. Despite the case being investigated by several professional people, such as retired FBI profiler Robert Ressler and a team of active-duty G-men, there was no success in identifying the killer and the case remains unsolved. A common theory is that the killer(s) chose Ciudad Juárez to commit the murders because of its high activity of organized crime.

Suspects Edit

Resendiz's arrest

Ángel Maturino Reséndiz.

Pedro Padilla Flores

Pedro Padilla Flores.

Abdul Latif Sharif

Abdul Latif Sharif.

  • Ángel Maturino Reséndiz (August 1, 1960 - June 27, 2006)
    • Nicknamed "The Railroad Killer"
    • Serial killer and rapist who murdered at least fifteen people in the U.S.
    • Suspected of being the Ripper by both Robert Ressler and Candice Skrapec because of his strong family ties to Ciudad Juárez
  • Abdul Latif Sharif (c. 1947 - June 1, 2006)
    • Egyptian chemist
    • First name is sometimes spelled as Abdel
    • Imprisoned in the U.S. for rape, fled to Ciudad Juárez at the end of his term to escape deportation back to Egypt
    • Died in a Mexican prison after being convicted of one woman's murder in Ciudad Juárez
    • Accused another serial killer, Alejandro Máynez, of being the true Ripper
    • Widely believed to have been used as a scapegoat by the Mexican police
  • Alejandro Máynez (b. 1970s)
    • Serial killer believed to have killed at least fifty people, two of them in Ciudad Juárez
    • According to a book written by an unknown author, who is believed to be Alejandro himself, dozens of women were murdered in Ciudad Juárez by members of the organized crime; some even participated in snuff films
  • Pedro Padilla Flores (b. 1970s)
    • Nicknamed "The Río Bravo Killer"
    • Former resident of Ciudad Juárez
    • Serial killer convicted of the rapes and murders of two women and a thirteen-year-old girl
    • Escaped from custody in 1991 and remains at large
  • The Hands of Death
    • A Satanic and cannibalistic death cult, which Henry Lee Lucas was supposedly a member of
    • Allegedly responsible for the abduction of several men, women, and children, who were taken to a ranch near Juárez, forced to participate in snuff films, and sacrificed
    • Existence considered debatable
  • Édgar Ernesto Álvarez Cruz and José Francisco Granados de la Paz (b. 1979)
    • Nicknamed "Los Feminicidas del Campo Algodonero" (Spanish for "The Cottonfield Female Killers")
    • Killing team
    • Believed to have murdered at least fourteen women in Ciudad Juárez
  • Los Rebeldes de Ciudad Juárez ("The Ciudad Juárez Rebels")
    • Gang of murderous drug dealers and rapists
    • Led by Sergio Armendáriz Díaz (b. 1980), a.k.a. "El Diablo" ("The Devil"), and Juan Contreras Jurado
    • Member Héctor Olivares Villalba was arrested in 1996 and confessed to the murder of Rosario García Leal, a 17-year-old factory worker who disappeared on December 7, 1995
    • Carlos Barriento Vidales, Gerardo Fernández Molina, and Romel Omar Ceniceros García were implicated by Olivares Villalba and convicted for eight murders in 2005
    • Carlos Hernández Molina Mariscal, Erika Fierro, and Fernando Gremes Aguirre were also implicated by Olivares Villalba, but were released due to a lack of evidence
    • Claimed to have been hired to commit murders by Abdul Latif Sharif
    • Suspected of committing between ten and fourteen murders
  • Los Chóferes (Spanish for "The Drivers")
    • Gang of serial killers and rapists
    • Believed to have murdered at least twenty women in Ciudad Juárez
    • Also claimed to have been paid by Sharif to commit copycat crimes
  • Carlos Gardena Cruz and Jorge García Paz
    • Former federal agents
    • Prime suspects in the disappearances of Silva Arce and Griselda Mares
  • Pedro Valles
    • Investigator assigned to the Juárez murders
    • Murdered his girlfriend in 1998 and remains at large
  • Dagoberto Ramírez
    • Former police officer
    • Arrested for murdering his girlfriend but was released after he claimed that she had killed herself
  • Julio Rodríguez Valenzuela
    • Former police officer
    • Attempted to rape a sixteen-year-old girl near two murder locations and remains at large
  • Sergio Hernández Pereda
    • Former police officer
    • Prime suspect in the murder of his wife and remains at large
  • Melchor Baca
    • Former police officer
    • Murdered a friend of his wife and remains at large
  • The Mexicali Ripper
    • Unidentified serial killer believed to have murdered and dismembered at least 44 women since 2008

Modus Operandi Edit

The victims were usually young, dark-haired women who worked in maquiladoras as factory workers or students. They were beaten, raped and killed by a variety of ways, such as strangulation, stabbing, bludgeoning, shooting and even burning. Occasionally, the killer would mutilate or dismember their bodies, hence his nickname. For unspecified reasons, the killer took an interest in slashing his victims' breasts and biting them.

Known Victims Edit

Juarez demo

A demonstration demanding justice for the victims in Ciudad Juárez.

Ciudad juarez victims

Some victims of Ciudad Juárez.

Note: Dates denote when victims were discovered.

  • 1993:
    • January 23: Alma Chavira Farel (beaten, raped, and strangled)
    • Unspecified dates: Sixteen unnamed women (killed by various causes; four were strangled, four were stabbed, one was bludgeoned, and one was shot)
  • Unspecified dates:
    • 1994: Eight unnamed women, 11-35 (killed by various causes; six were strangled, two were stabbed, one was bludgeoned, and one was burned alive; four were also raped)
    • 1995: 48 unnamed women (killed by various causes; six were strangled, one was stabbed, and one was shot; three also had their right breasts severed)
    • 1996 to the present day: Numerous unnamed victims (all killed by unknown causes)

On Criminal Minds Edit

The case seems to have inspired prolific serial killer Jacob DuFour, who dumped the bodies of his victims in drug cartel-controlled areas in Ciudad Juárez as a way to hide his crimes from authorities.

Sources Edit

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