There's only one way out of the Brotherhood.
The Johnson County Brotherhood (so named in this wiki; simply referred to as The Brotherhood in Middle Man) was a group of college students who were responsible for the abductions, rapes, and murders of several exotic dancers in Season Six of Criminal Minds.


See Michael Kosina, Chris Salters, and Scott Kagan's pages.


Modus Operandi

The pack targeted exotic dancers. They would stake out strip clubs on Friday nights, usually on the cheapest nights when the clubs were crowded to avoid being seen by surveillance cameras. Once they found a victim with Michael's approval, they would abduct them outside the clubs, take them to Michael's house, where they would be held captive, blindfolded, fed uppers and downers, and forcibly raped by all the members of the group over the course of the weekend. On Sunday nights, before the work days began, the pack would bring the girls to a cornfield and chase them with a pickup. When they were caught, Chris and Scott would leave them alone with Michael, who raped, beat, and killed them by strangling them without Chris and Scott's knowledge, leaving the bodies to be found days later. All three members wore masks when they chased their victims in cornfields, indefinitely to hide their identity, but considering the masks' designs were slightly modeled after scarecrows, it is possible that there was also a fear factor.


Because the unsubs have a limited income (as shown by their choice of time for abductions), blend in with the young crowd, is unavailable from Monday to Friday, and their crimes coincide with the fall semester, they are most likely college students aged in their late teens to mid-20s, as most college students are in that age range, but they may also be older students who transferred in or have enlisted in a military program from high school. College students are very impressionable and eager to fit in and find their place in the world, and groups tend to form in such environments.

Pack members are not typically created equally; there is a leader, a lieutenant, and a follower. The dominant member is the leader, an alpha personality, and most likely the oldest member; it is believed he is from out-of-state and has most likely committed similar crimes elsewhere. The lieutenant is highly loyal to the pack leader, which is what the leader demands; he may come from a broken home, most likely since he has suffered some tragic loss and been taken in by him. The follower, the newest member of the pack, has yet to cement his loyalty to the pack and is already questioning his role in it. As a result, the follower is most likely not a part of the leader's final plan and is, as the leader will eventually realize, expendable. It is important that the follower is found before the pack eliminates him, and by driving a wedge between the pack members, it will be easier to find them and Stephanie Wilson.

Real-Life Comparison

The Brotherhood is partially similar to the Ripper Crew. Both teams were a pack of serial rapists and abductors who targeted women associated with sex trade and took them to their leader's house, where they would beat and rape their victims. Also, some of the Crew's victims were killed by strangulation, the same M.O. Kosina used to kill his victims. The Brotherhood is also similar to the offenders responsible for the Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders. Both teams were a pack of criminals who were also college students, committed criminal offenses prior to their murders, and would kill their victims by strangulation, the same kill method that Michael used.

Mutual Victims

  • 2010:
    • September 24: Kimberly Jukes (abducted and raped by Michael and Chris, then killed by Michael two days later)
    • October 15: Amanda Frye (abducted and raped by all three, then killed by Michael two days later)
    • October 29: Meredith Joy (abducted and raped by all three, then killed by Michael two days later)
    • November 5: Stephanie Wilson (abducted and raped by all three; Michael and Chris later attempted to kill her; was rescued two days later)


  • The way the pack functioned is similar to Ryan's Gang, which appears in Season Three:
    • Michael resembled Ryan Phillips as the dominant member of the team, who committed the pack's killings entirely.
    • Chris resembled Taylor Coleman as the lieutenant who realized that what they were doing was wrong but still remained loyal to the dominant.
    • Scott resembled Douglas Silverman as the follower or the new member who felt the crimes were fun at first until the leader took it too far.
    • Other similarities that can be taken into account are:
      • Both Scott and Douglas, the followers, were killed because they wanted to opt out of crime.
      • Michael and Ryan killed at least one of their partners and were both shot and killed whilst attempting to kill their final victims.
      • Chris and Taylor were both injured from being shot and then arrested.