"The Bunker" is the fifth episode of Season Thirteen of Criminal Minds.


The BAU work to determine similarities between multiple missing women in the hopes of finding their kidnapper.

Guest Cast

  • Aisha Alfa - Allie Leighton
  • Tristan Byon - Joe Miller
  • Camille Chen - Joanna Miller
  • Andrea Cortes - Mia
  • Meagen Fay - Irene Jacobs
  • Angela Fornero - Paige Burrell
  • Darrell Hammond - Lawrence Coleman
  • Summer Rose Ly - Chrissy Miller
  • Kimleigh Smith - Doctor Roberta Childs
  • Christine Weatherly - Lacy
  • Michael Whaley - Captain Chuck Skinner

Referenced Criminals


Bookend Quotes


  • Aisha Tyler is the fourth actor from the show's main cast to direct an episode, the first being Matthew Gray Gubler, the second being Thomas Gibson, and the third being Joe Mantegna.
  • Although this was the fifth produced episode in the season, it is being aired as the sixth.

Criminal Minds Episodes

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