"The Bittersweet Science" is the tenth episode of Season Seven of Criminal Minds.


The BAU investigates a spree killer in Philadelphia and is led to the city's boxing scene in search of the unsub. Also, Hotch makes a connection with an attractive runner as they both train for a triathlon.

Guest Cast

  • Jill Alexander - Doctor Joanne Carlton
  • Abby Brammell - Pam Hall
  • Tim Davis - Jason
  • Charles S. Dutton - Tony Cole
  • Matt Fleuret - Joe
  • Sandra Genovese - Billie
  • Shawn Hatosy - Jimmy Hall
  • Ken Lally - Jack Messmer
  • Ludwig Manukian - Doctor Raj Surna
  • David Mazouz - Ryan Hall
  • Roman Mitichyan - Flashback Boxer
  • Marcus Natividad - Boxer #1
  • Jessen Noviello - Monty
  • Sean Kathryn O'Connor - Doctor Jean Bellamy
  • Richie Parker - Boxer #2
  • Jeremy Radin - Man
  • Kelsey Scott - Paramedic
  • Gustin Smith - Boxer #3
  • Ray Stefanelli - Referee
  • Benny Urquidez - MMA Referee
  • Torrey Vogel - Frank
  • Mark Withers - Lou Manzoni
  • Bellamy Young - Beth Clemmons

Referenced Criminals


  • "Turn a Light On" by Kathryn Calder

Bookend Quotes

  • Aaron Hotchner: "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die." Joe Lewis
  • Aaron Hotchner: Hermann Hesse wrote, "Some of us think that holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go."

Criminal Minds Episodes

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