Look, I wouldn't if I was you. You had that Anna girl's blood all over you. You don't let it go, I'm gonna tell them it was you.
Parks to Sean

Thane Parks is a serial rapist who assisted Jim Peters in lethally spiking white wine with what they believed was ecstasy. He appeared in Brothers Hotchner.


Thane managed the Edinburgh, a bar and nightclub in New York City owned by Jim Peters, which condoned drug usage by customers and even allowed its employees to hand out drugs. A few years prior to Brothers Hotchner, he came across Sean Hotchner, who lost a gig at becoming a frycook, and gave him a job as a bartender. He also started supplying Sean with some of his ecstasy, but had to stop when Sean was convinced by his girlfriend, another employee named Linda Heying, to become sober. Thane also used the ecstasy to drug women and rape them while they were incapacitated. In 2013, Thane helped Peters and other employees in spiking some of the white wine sold by the Edinburgh, using what they believed was ecstasy as a prank, not knowing the drug was actually a lethal mixture of PMMA and methamphetamine created by Larry Feretich. This led to the deaths of the people who purchased that wine, including Linda herself.

Brothers Hotchner

Thane is first seen having sex with a drugged barfly named Anna Johnson. Sean interrupts them, asking Thane for his override card. Thane reluctantly leaves Anna and gives Sean the card, but when he returns, he sees Anna bleeding from her eyes, nose, and mouth. He and Sean watch helplessly as Anna dies from the excessive bleeding, with Sean yelling at Thane to call 911, but to no avail. Thane and Peters are later among those interrogated by a police officer. During the investigation, Anna's death is then tied to other poisoning deaths that have occurred throughout New York City. As a result, this leads to intense scrutiny on the Edinburgh, which angers Peters. When Peters starts venting his rage on Thane, Thane is put on edge. However, he continues to do his job, supplying the other employees with more ecstasy meant for the customers. When Sean arrives late, Thane chastises him, but Peters praises him after Sean claims he lied to an interrogator to preserve the Edinburgh's public image. This further unnerves Thane. Then, Sean mentions the police suspecting bad wine in the poisonings. In response, Peters instructs Thane to dump the white wine, and Thane has Sean help him.

In the storeroom, he gives Sean two bottles of the spiked wine. Then, he tries searching for another case containing spiked wine, but becomes frustrated after being unable to find it (unbeknownst to him, Sean had stolen it earlier). When Sean presses him for answers, Thane angrily admits to spiking the wine as a prank. The revelation outrages Sean, who accuses him of killing Linda, but Thane mocks him, claiming that Linda, a former alcoholic, wasn't as sober as he thought. When Sean starts getting aggressive, Thane threatens to tell the police that he killed Anna. This prompts Sean to attack him, and they get into a fistfight. The brawl eventually reveals Sean is wearing a wire, but Thane is arrested by Hotch and Morgan before he could stab him in a fit of rage. Later on, Thane is interrogated by Rossi and Strauss, who inform him about Peters' murder at Larry's hands. They then threaten to release him, thus leaving him vulnerable to an attack by Larry, unless he tells them where the Edinburgh is getting its drug supply from. Thane complies, drawing out a map of the distribution chain for them in exchange for police protection. He isn't seen again, but it is extremely likely that he was incarcerated for the date-rapes he committed.

Modus Operandi

As a serial rapist, Thane targeted attractive female customers at the Edinburgh. He would incapacitate them by drugging them with wine spiked with ecstasy, before sexually assaulting them. All of his killings were completely unintentional, since Thane believed he was committing a prank with a nonlethal drug. He and his accomplices spiked their white wine with a drug they received from drug dealers and traditionally gave to customers as part of their service. Unbeknownst to them, it wasn't ecstasy like they believed, but instead a mixture of PMMA and methamphetamine. Later on, Thane attempted to kill Sean Hotchner by stabbing him with a utility knife.


No official profile of Thane was made by the BAU, since they were more focused on Larry and the Edinburgh as a whole. However, the team deduced that since Thane had access to a drug supply, he also had access to their unsub. Hotch also informed Sean that, once he tells Thane he was questioned by the police, he will have his attention. He has an idea on how the Edinburgh's drug operation is organized, but he will only give it if the right circumstances are created. The Edinburgh has had a lot of negative attention recently because of the deaths, yet despite this, the club still needs to make money, and that means it still needs to continue selling drugs. This has put Thane on edge because somebody is pressuring him to make the bad publicity go away, thus he will be desperate to know what was said to the police. Thane needs someone on his side right now, and the more Sean can assure him he is a team player, the more he will confide in him.

Known Victims

  • Drugged and raped numerous unnamed women prior to Brothers Hotchner
  • 2013:
    • May 15-21:
      • Linda Heying (Sean Hotchner's girlfriend)
      • Erik Sullivan
    • May 22: Anna Johnson (drugged and attempted to rape, but instead accidentally killed)
    • May 23: Bernard and Catherine Hatchitt
    • May 24: Sean Hotchner (assaulted and attempted to stab with a utility knife)


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