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Name Terrance Wakeland
Gender Male
Occupation Security guard
Freelance musician
Pathology Serial Killer
Modus Operandi Varied (usually stabbing)
No. of Victims 5 killed
2 attempted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By David Ramsey
First Appearance "Fear and Loathing"

"What I'm saying is that it's so beautiful. Ally, I... I just can't... let it live. You ever feel that way? Like there's something so beautiful... so beautiful you can't let it live to show you... to remind you of how ugly you are?"

Terrance Wakeland is a serial killer who appeared in Season Two of Criminal Minds.

Background Edit

A freelance musician, Terrance worked as a security guard at the failing recording studio A&L in Mount Vernon, New York. For reasons unspecified, Terrance murdered Keisha Andrews and Vickie Williams on January 2007, recording their voices in the studio beforehand under the guise of a music producer. To keep the authorities off his trail, Terrance made the deaths look like random hate crimes by painting swastikas on the bodies. Prior to the two murders, he had attempted to kill a girl named Gail, but failed when she didn't fall for his ruse.

Fear and Loathing Edit

Eventually, he goes out to meet talent-show winner Sandra Davis in the park one night, Terrance is confronted by her ex-boyfriend Ken, who he shoots in the chest. Approaching the hysterical Sandra after killing Ken, Terrance demands she get in his car and, when the girl runs, Terrance chases her and beats her to death, inflicting several post-mortem stab wounds to the body. After killing Sandra and dragging her body to the curb, Terrance paints a swastika on Ken's car. Having been unable to get a recording of Sandra's voice, Terrance drove around her house on a few occasions, but eventually moved on, killing another girl named Naomi Dade. Terrance later takes Ally Hadley to the studio sometime after Naomi's death, recording her singing before drugging her. As Ally grows disoriented, Terrance begins ranting and beating her, but is incapacitated when the girl kicks him in the groin before running outside. Finding Ally weakly asking for help from a police officer, Terrance convinces the cop that Ally is his younger cousin, that she had sneaked out, and gotten high on something. Claiming that he is going to take Ally home, Terrance begins to leave with her but is surrounded by the police and BAU and is arrested by Morgan.

Profile Edit

The unsub is a sexually-motivated killer who finds release in something he takes from his victims, in his case their voice. He is a black male between the ages of twenty to thirty-five. The victims he chose are female students with no behavioral problems, a low-risk lifestyle. He is intelligent and a smooth talker, being able to make people around him feel at ease and easily gain the confidence of his targets. He may not have a lot of education, but he knows how to trick impressionable young girls. Because all of the girls are singers, he may be connected in some way to the music industry. He has a vehicle that is big enough to transport a body, which should be clean, not too old, nice enough to make a girl feel comfortable, and not too flashy; he doesn't want to attract attention to himself, so the vehicle is probably a large dark sedan. It is probable that his ruse didn't work on everybody and there is at least one women who didn't fall for it. His ritual was interrupted when he killed Sandra Davis, and because he was not able to get his souvenir from her, it is likely that he will visit her home or any place she frequented. He might approach his victims in areas where young girls frequent, such as churches, high schools, libraries, and coffee shops.

Modus Operandi Edit

Terrence targeted African-American girls aged between 15 to 17 years old who lived low-risk lifestyles and had a talent for singing. Under the guise of a music producer, he would approach his victims at places such as churches and talent shows, offering them his card. Whenever the girls arranged a meeting with him, Terrance would have them go to a pre-selected location, pick them up, and have perform at A&L Studios, keeping a CD recording of their singing as souvenirs, and drug them with a GHB-laced water bottle before strangling and beating them. Terrance would then finish his victims off by stabbing them in the chest, dump the body in a public place, and paint a swastika symbol on their face to make the murder look like a hate crime afterwards. During the park killings, he shot Ken Newcombe, who was Caucasian, in the chest with a handgun in order to get him out of the way, and beat Sandra Davis to death, stabbing her post-mortem.

Real-Life Comparison Edit

Terrance appears to have been partially based on Wayne Williams, a double murderer and the suspected perpetrator of a series of murders of at least twenty-eight African-American children and adults. Both were African-American, targeted and killed African-Americans (though Terrance targeted mostly women while Williams targeted mostly male children and adults), were around the same age when they committed their crimes, and did some work in the music business.

Known Victims Edit

  • 2007:
    • January 7: Gail (intended; she didn't fall for his ruse)
    • January 19: Keisha Andrews (beaten and fatally stabbed)
    • January 30: Vickie Williams (beaten and fatally stabbed like the previous victim)
    • February 8: The double homicide at the park:
      • Ken Newcombe (Sandra's ex-boyfriend; incidental; shot him in the chest with a handgun)
      • Sandra Davis (beaten to death and stabbed post-mortem without drugging her and recording her voice)
    • February 9-10: Naomi Dade (beaten and fatally stabbed)
    • February 10-11: Ally Hadley (attempted, but survived; was drugged and beaten)

Appearances Edit

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