Anastasia Katya Breezy Dhanraj (credited as Tasie Lawrence) is an English actress and former singer best known for her portrayal of Mara Jaffray in House of Anubis.


Lawrence was born in Brighton, England, United Kingdom, to a Guyanese named Derek Dhanraj and an Englishwoman named Rebecca Sinnatt; she has a sister named Tasha. She initially decided to pursue a career in music. She studied music at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guilford, graduating with a BA in music. Afterwards, she was signed by Island Records as a member of a dark pop rock band called WooWoos. However, Lawrence left the band sometime later, citing that she wanted to take a different direction with her career. She subsequently pursued acting as her second career.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Lawrence portrayed Bahni Desai, a college student abducted and held captive by Tom Larson in the Season Eleven episode Target Rich.


  • Criminal Minds - Target Rich (2015) TV episode - Bahni Desai
  • Everything Before Us (2015) as Jessica (credited as Tasi Lawrence)
  • Hieroglyph (2014) as Ren
  • House of Anubis (2011-2013) as Mara Jaffray (145 episodes)
  • The Tower (2011) as Mina (credited as Tasie Dhanraj)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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