When you lose a brother the way that I did, it's nice to have someone like you at my side.

Tamara Barnes is a recurring character who appeared in Season Five of Criminal Minds.


Little about Tamara's background is elaborated upon, other than the fact that she had a brother named William and her parents are deceased.

Season Five


Tamara first appears when William was brutally murdered by a pack of killers along with three others at a dinner gathering. She goes to Morgan for answers, asking what type of men could commit a crime like that. Garcia is concerned that the two are getting too close, although Morgan assures her everything is okay. Throughout most of the episode, she appears as stressed and enraged at her brother's murderers, even yelling at a group of apprehended rioters whom she thought were the perpetrators. Afterwards, Morgan escorts her to her home and informs her that this type of unsub would commit suicide by cop. At the end of the case, he personally goes to her apartment to tell her that one of the unsubs was arrested, while the other two committed suicide by cop.

The Eyes Have It

Tamara reappears in The Eyes Have It, in which she and Morgan attend the trial of the surviving unsub. She gives Morgan a small silver cross which had belonged to William and suggests that they have a drink sometime. After the case is closed, Morgan calls her and accepts the proposal. She hasn't been seen or mentioned since, so it is unknown what happened to her relationship with Morgan.