He's gonna hurt me so bad.
Foster to the BAU on Charles Holcombe

Steven Foster is the accomplice of serial killer Charles Holcombe. He appeared in Legacy.


Years prior to Legacy, Steven personally knew Charles, as his family worked for Charles's. When Charles inherited his late father's meat-packing plant, he somehow convinced Foster to aid him in his serial killing, getting him to abduct potential victims, sedate them, and take them to the plant, where Charles would torture and murder them. All the while, he psychologically abused him.


In the episode, after assisting Charles in killing a total of 64 victims, Steven is first seen picking up a prostitute named Maggie, sedating her off-screen, and taking her to Charles's plant, where she would be tortured by him. Steven later attempts to abduct a homeless woman named Mona, but the BAU, who was personally called in by Detective Cal McGee, spot him and he is apprehended by Morgan when he attempts to flee. The BAU eventually extract information about Charles from Steven after promising him protection from the former, and they track him down and shoot him dead before he could kill Maggie.

Modus Operandi

Steven would approach random prostitutes, junkies, and vagrants on the streets and get them into his car, presumably with some ruse such as sex, drugs, or a place to live. He would also sometimes pose as a Social Security worker in order to lure in some of his victims. He would then sedate them and take them to Charles's plant, where they would be tortured and killed by him.


No official profile was made of Steven, as the BAU were more focused on Charles.

Real-Life Comparison

Much like how Holcombe seems based from real serial killer H.H. Holmes, Steven was probably inspired from Holmes's own submissive accomplice, Benjamin Pitezel. Steven being worried about Holcombe's "hurting him so bad" may be a nod to the fact that Pitezel was murdered by Holmes near the end of his spree.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified dates from 2006 to 2007: At least 63 victims, all abducted by him and killed by Charles. Named ones include:
    • Victor Arkwright
    • Roger B. (full surname unrevealed)
    • Margo Blackwood
    • Miles Cye
    • Jane Daughterly
    • Daryl Espenson
    • Doreen Gorbold
    • Rachel Green
    • Marcy Hackett (a prostitute)
    • Kimberly Harmond
    • Dillion Jeffers
    • Naomi Keegen
    • Clint Lesser
    • Bailey Mathews
    • Dean Maxby (a drug addict)
    • Oriah Odell
    • Jonathan O'Neil
    • Carl Padmore
    • Travis Phung (a homeless person)
    • Henry Quincy
    • Tina Radley
    • Shirley Sangster
    • Mindy Spano (a prostitute)
    • Todd Starks
    • Jorge Suárez
    • Dwight Thurban
    • Tad Underhill
    • Ross Valenta
    • Robin Waller
    • Ben Wolcott (a homeless person and drug addict)
    • Kevin Zanetti
  • 2007:
    • May 7-8: Nate (apparently a homeless person)
    • May 8: Maggie (a prostitute; was rescued from Charles the next day)
    • May 9: Mona (a homeless person; attempted to abduct, but was spotted by the BAU and apprehended)