Lieutenant Shockley Tawes is a criminal accomplice who appeared in Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.


A supervisor at the Somerville Military Academy, Tawes became an accomplice of his superior Colonel Ron Massey in a scheme to cover up the bullying of a cadet named Bailey Shelton, who had committed suicide sometime earlier. Simultaneously, a survival trip was scheduled for six cadets, including one Josh Redding, a friend of Bailey's, whom Massey intended to get killed as he was aware of the bullying. Since he was the one supervising the trip, Tawes knew of the coordinates of the camp and texted them to Bailey's father Chris, who was convinced by Massey that Josh was responsible for Bailey's suicide and became vengeful as a result. However, Massey's plan backfired when Tawes arrived at the camp and found each and every cadet there dead, having been murdered by Chris when he became aware of the bullying that was inflicted on Bailey, bullying that had been voluntarily allowed by Massey. Josh was also missing, having escaped from Chris.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

As a result of the killings, Massey calls in the BAU, who interrogate him, Tawes, and the cadets under the pretense that Josh killed the cadets. When the team traces the link between Bailey, Josh, and the victims, as well as realizing that Josh isn't the unsub after he killed Chris with a Viet Cong-style pit trap in self-defense, Tawes is ordered by Massey to find Josh and murder him before the BAU can catch up to him. Tawes obliges and is able to find Josh in the woods when he attempts to carjack him, but Josh fights back. Eventually, Tawes is able to overpower Josh, but before he can kill him, the BAU arrive. Hotch orders Tawes to surrender but is forced to shoot him when Tawes tries to shoot him. Tawes is later arrested along with Massey for their involvement in the crimes.

Known Victims

  • December 6-7, 2011: