It worked for her, why not me? I just wanted us to be together...

Shara Carlino is a fan of serial killer Cortland Bryce Ryan, who she attempted to copy in The Angel Maker.


Very little information is disclosed about Shara, other than she worked as a secretary in Lower Canaan. When Cortland Bryce Ryan was arrested for murdering six women, she became one of many women who fell in love with him. Shara soon became his self-proclaimed "number-one fan", visiting him very frequently and communicating with him through written letters. She even changed jobs so she could work closer to the prison he was being held at even though the pay was lower. However, sometime before his execution, Cortland sent her a letter that was actually addressed to Chloe Kelcher, likely by mistake. Though she realized from the letter that she wasn't the only woman he wrote to, Shara continued to maintain her love for him, even after his execution.

The Angel Maker

In the episode, after Chloe begins a spree of copycat killings on the first anniversary of Cortland's execution, Rossi and Prentiss initially suspect Shara of being the unsub. However, while they interrogate her at her workplace, she gives them a rock-solid alibi and gives them information about the letter Cortland accidentally sent to her. Later that night, Shara, having become increasingly deluded by the recent events and feeling jealous of Chloe, attacks a woman after luring her in with a ruse, hoping to kill her. However, the would-be victim escapes and she is beaten and subdued by the other residents living in the neighborhood. Shara was last seen proclaiming her love of Cortland to Prentiss before being taken away in a police cruiser.

Modus Operandi

Shara lured her sole victim in with a ruse before attacking her with the intention of killing her, likely in the same way as Cortland. However, since it was disorganized and presumably a spur of the moment, she was unable to successfully complete her attack.


Shara was not profiled by the BAU, since they were focused on Chloe.

Real-Life Comparison

Shara may have been partially based on Veronica Compton in the sense that both women tried to copycat a serial killer they were infatuated with, but their sole attacks failed.

Known Victims

  • September 19, 2008: Unnamed woman (attempted)