This drug-related article is intended solely for informational purposes as pertaining to Criminal Minds.
It is in no way intended to endorse, advertise, or otherwise glorify the use of these drugs for any reason.
Drugs are bad, m'kay?

Sevoflurane is a drug used as an anesthetic. It was discovered twice by Ross Terrell and Bernard M. Regan.


Sevoflurane is commonly used for outpatient anesthesia, including induction in children and infants. It is also used in veterinary medicine, boasting a rapid induction and recovery rate "due to a relatively low blood/gas solubility coefficient". Dentists and surgeons tend to use it for operations on minors. It is preferred for mask induction as mucous membranes are less irritated by it during administration.

Though having high ratings for safety, sevoflurane recently went under review for potential neurotoxicity, with a few reports noting similar characteristics to halothane hepatotoxicity.

Criminal MindsEdit

In Mr. Scratch, serial killer by proxy Peter Lewis used sevoflurane as an ingredient for an extremely powerful dissociative agent, which would induce psychotic breaks in potential victims. Reid states that the drug puts people into a waking dream. Following his escape from prison in Season Eleven, Peter resumed using sevoflurane for his newest crime sprees in Season Twelve. In Green Light, former hitman Jack Vaughan said his daughter Lindsey wanted to know about sevoflurane while attempting to frame Reid for a Peter-inspired murder, but it was never made clear if the drug was actually used in Spencer.

Mr. Scratch depicts sevoflurane being administered in an aerosolized form, which is impossible, as the drug has to be inhaled directly via breathing apparatus, such as a mask or a nose tube, for it to achieve a noticeable effect. However, in Season Twelve, sevoflurane's administration is now accurately depicted, with Brian Phillips and Daniel Cullen being seen inhaling it through a breathing apparatus.

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