A Serial Bomber is a type of serial killer whose modus operandi is reminiscent of terrorism. The pathology of this type of criminal varies, as no two serial bombers have the exact same motivation. Regardless, they all share one common trait; to take out as many people as possible at once.


While it can be agreed that serial bombers are indeed sadistic, there remains no common motive for their crimes. They can be motivated by any number of "causes"; religious, sadistic, political, financial, or even moral code (pro-life bombers, for example). Bombers are unlike any other criminals, except poisoners. They plan meticulously, nurse long grudges, and retaliate far out of proportion to any injury they feel they have received.

On Criminal Minds

  • Adrian Bale ("Won't Get Fooled Again") - Terrorized Boston with bombs he placed in packages and left for victims to find. He killed four civilians, and six of Jason Gideon's fellow agents.
  • David Walker ("Won't Get Fooled Again") - Palm Beach-based copycat of Adrian Bale. He only had one real target (a woman who intended to expose his forgeries) and only committed other bombings to distract the authorities.
  • Kenneth Roberts ("Empty Planet") - Seattle anti-technology bomber, who was inspired by the science fiction novel Empty Planet (which featured automatons who overtake humanity, and was written by a woman he believed was his biological mother). Unlike most serial bombers, Kenneth wasn't trying to kill as many people as possible, instead destroying what represented the technology he resented.
  • Robert Adams ("Painless") - A survivor of the North Valley High School shooting/bombing who began reenacting the murders after ten years because another survivor, Jerry Holtz, took the credit of looking at the perpetrator, Randy Slade, in the eyes. He killed Jerry and two others, one of the whom he killed with a bomb and injured several others at a restaurant with another.
  • Izzy Rogers and Matthew Downs ("Hit" and "Run") - Anarchists who committed a wave of bombings in N'Djamena, Chad, in 2008, killing thirty people. Izzy then detonated another bomb at the Colonial Liberty Bank at Washington, D.C., U.S., in 2012, killing at least nineteen others, and Matthew later attempted to detonate yet another bomb at the Union Station, but the attack was stopped.
  • Tivon Askari ("200" and "The Forever People") - International criminal who committed several bombings as part of his activities with a terrorist regime.
  • James Burke ("Hero Worship") - Narcissistic former school board member who began an increasingly deadly bombing campaign in Indianapolis as retaliation for being fired. He then shifted his focus on Allen Archer after the latter copied one of his bombings.
  • Sharon Mayford ("Entropy") - A hitwoman who carried out her contract kills with bombs and was responsible for killing 173 people, including her target victim, as a result of a explosion at a chemical storage station in Tianjin, China. She later attempted to detonate a set of explosives at a restaurant, but the attack was stopped.

Real-Life Serial Bombers