I'm gonna do everything I can to get you back, right? I promise.

Scott "Scottie" Kagan was a member of a pack of rapists that appeared in Middle Man.


Scott was born on October 28, 1990, in Franklin, Indiana, and, according to his school guidance records, never seemed to fit in anywhere. When he was in high school in 2002, he was arrested for possession of marijuana and related paraphernalia. He was subsequently sentenced to six months of probation and placed in a counseling program. In college, he was arrested again, this time for possession of cocaine for use and possession of marijuana to sell. For that, he was sentenced to six months in county jail and one year's probation. He also tried to join the Kappa Iota Phi fraternity but was kicked out before he could become a full member. During his brief time there, he met Chris Salters who made him a part of a group he had formed with Michael Kosina. Together, they would abduct showgirls, keep them in Michael's apartment, make them dance, and rape them. Though unwilling, Scott, who really had nowhere else to go, stayed with them.

Middle Man

In the beginning of Middle Man, Scott, Chris, and Michael, all wearing masks, chase their latest victim, Meredith Joy, with their truck in a cornfield. Michael catches her, rapes and kills her off-screen. Sometime after, they abduct another woman, Stephanie Wilson. One day, Chris and Scott, who up until that point had been unaware that the victims were killed, hearing the murders on the news. They confront Michael, who shrugs and says coldly that he had to do it to protect the group. Over the following few days, Scott begins feeling the pressure and wants out, even befriending Stephanie and promising her that he will find a way to free her. Knowing that he will expose him and Chris, Michael has Chris bring him out to a cornfield and beat him to punish him. He then gives him a baseball bat and orders him to kill Scott. Chris, very reluctantly, obliges and beats Scott to death. His body is found the next day when it is run over by a combine harvester.

Known Victims

  • 2010:
    • October 15: Amanda Frye (abducted and raped by him and the others, then killed by Michael two days later)
    • October 29: Meredith Joy (abducted and raped by him and the others, then killed by Michael two days later)
    • November 5: Stephanie Wilson (abducted and raped; was rescued two days later)


  • According to his arrest record, Scott's Social Security number is 973-47-1701.