A scimitar (pronounced /ˈsɪmɪtər/) is a sword with a curved blade design finding its origins in Southwest Asia (Middle East).

The name can be used to refer to almost any Middle Eastern or South Asian sword with a curved blade, and is often thought of as having a ridge near the end. They include Arabic saif, Indian talwar, Persian shamshir, Turkish kilij and yatağan, and Chinese Dao, among others.

Similar Weapons

Chinese Dao

Jonny McHale had delusions about using them. During the Yuan Dynasty the Turko-Mongol sabre was introduced and then the Chinese dynasties starting incorporating it for use in their armies.

Criminal Minds

Serial killer and vigilante Jonny McHale used dual scimitars to murder his victims in his delusions. In reality, he was likely using a single katana, as one was found in his belongings, though a pair of Dao were found at the Glen Hill crime scene, suggesting at least some of Jonny's murders may have been committed using them.

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