Sam Cooper is the leader of the BAU's fictional Red Cell team, the protagonists of the spin-off Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. He and the rest of the team appeared in The Fight.


Much of Sam's past is currently unknown, though he is rumored to have performed some kind of psychological operations overseas between leaving the BAU and rejoining it. He is an old friend of Hotch and Rossi and is very close to fellow team member Mick Rawson, whom he handpicked for his team ten months prior to The Fight. Their exact relationship, nor their past, is not elaborated on, though Mick says he'd trust Sam with his life and would die for him. He is also a skilled practitioner of Kali.[1]

The Fight

When John Vincent Bell began another cycle of killings, Cooper defies orders from Erin Strauss not to investigate the case, and he enlists the aid of Hotch and his BAU team as he is convinced the case Hotch's team is investigating has links to his own. He and Hotch are partnered up and interrogated the wife of a man who was kidnapped by Bell along with their daughter. Strauss later finds about about Cooper's actions and tries to force him into going back to Washington, but he refuses. Eventually, they are able to solve the case and Bell is killed by Mick. At the end of the episode, Cooper receives a call from Strauss, telling him that she has a pile of cases for him.



  1. Forest Whitaker is an actual practitioner of Kali in real life, used in the 2010 movie Repo Men.