Sam (surname currently unrevealed) is the new love interest of Penelope Garcia, who was introduced in The Gathering.


Absolutely nothing is currently known about Sam, other than he and Garcia used to date, and that he is experienced with playing the ukulele.

On Criminal MindsEdit

In The Gathering, Sam is under Garcia's "hood" for an unspecified seminar, when they meet by surprise in a coffee shop. Garcia is with Kevin Lynch, who is Garcia's boyfriend until she turns down his proposal for marriage in I Love You, Tommy Brown. It is here that Kevin finds out that Garcia and Sam have been on a couple of dates. Sam asks Garcia about her ukulele lessons, which Kevin does not know about. Garcia remembers Sam's latte order, and Sam mistakenly calls Kevin "Kenneth". Kevin later confronts Garcia about Sam, which becomes a subplot for the entire episode. By the end of the episode, the two make amends, and the episode ends with Sam visiting Garcia's apartment, and her showing him how her ukulele lessons have been going.

He reappears in Mr. & Mrs. Anderson, where it appears that he and Garcia have started dating each other again during Valentine's Day. However, their date turns disastrous when Sam accidentally ingests cilantro, which he is allergic to. Once he recovers, Sam and Garcia have a double date with Morgan and Savannah.



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