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Ryan Caldwell
Name Ryan Caldwell
Years Active 2007-present

Ryan Caldwell is an American actor and producer.


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On Criminal MindsEdit

Caldwell portrayed copycat serial-turned-spree killer Michael Peterson in the Season Eleven episode Tribute.


  • Aquarius (2016) as Martin O'Reilly
  • Criminal Minds - Tribute (2016) TV episode - Michael Peterson
  • ToY (2015) as Swanky Husband
  • Immersion (2014) as Kol (short)
  • You're the Worst (2014) as Delivery Guy
  • The Verse (2014) as Hunter (short)
  • Licking Lemons (2014) as Pete (short)
  • I'm Harry Clark: The Web Series (2014) as Scott
  • Mush (2014) as Danny (short)
  • I'm Harry Clark (2013) as Scott
  • Major Crimes (2013) as Daniel O'Brien
  • Spaced Reality (2013) as Capt. Joe Jackson (short)
  • American Bill (2012) as Stu (short)
  • Save Our Souls (2012) as Chris (short)
  • The Fugue (2012) as Bryan
  • Singing Moon (2012) as John (short)
  • LA Love Story Part 2 (2012) as Otis (short)
  • A Marshmallow Doesn't Have a Backbone (2011) as Jack (short)
  • End of the Innocents (2011) as Joe Ryan (short)
  • Fear Not (2011) as Cameron
  • The Big Oh (2011) as Mike (short)
  • The Colombian Connection (2011) as Charlie Sparks
  • L.A. Love Story Part 1 (2011) as Otis (short)
  • The Bottom Line (2010) as Ian Page (short)
  • For You (2009) as John (short)
  • It's Always Smoggy in L.A. (2009) as Jesus
  • Poker Run (2009) as Roy
  • Mystery ER (2008) as Young Glenn
  • Fear House (2008) as Rhett
  • United 300 (2007) as Ajax (short)


  • ToY (2015) - Associate Producer
  • Immersion (2014) - Co-Producer (short)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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