Ryan's Gang (so named in this wiki) was a group of petty criminals responsible for the abductions of two teenage girls. They appeared in Season Three of Criminal Minds.


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Modus Operandi

The gang randomly targeted a teenage girl named Katie Owens, whom Ryan was familiar with. The abduction of Katie's friend Lindsey was completely incidental. Upon taking the girls to an abandoned house, the three raped and tortured Katie for the thrill of it, and Ryan eventually killed her by strangling her with a belt. Ryan and Taylor then took Lindsey to Mayford High School, which was closed at the time, and kept her in one of the bathrooms. It is possible the trio committed several other crimes prior to their abductions of Katie and Lindsey.


No profile of the gang was made by the BAU, who were more focused on Ryan.

Mutual Victims

  • Presumably committed numerous unspecified, victimless crimes prior to 3rd Life
  • January 5, 2008: Katie Owens and "Lindsey" Vaughn (abducted both):
    • Katie Owens (raped and tortured by all three members, then killed by Ryan)
    • "Lindsey" Vaughn (held captive by Ryan and Taylor only; was rescued two days later)


  • In Green Light, Reid stated that the gang's case was investigated in April 2007. However, that is an error, as the crimes occurred in January 2008 in accordance with 3rd Life's airing.



  1. Uncredited in the final episode. His name was only revealed in the cast of "3rd Life" by IMDB, which also includes actors who were uncredited in the roles that they portrayed