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Criminal Minds
Season 9, Episode 5
905 ROUTE 66
Air date October 23, 2013
Written by Virgil Williams
Directed by Doug Aarniokoski
Episode Guide
"To Bear Witness"
"In The Blood"

"Route 66" is the fifth episode of Season Nine of Criminal Minds.


As Hotch fights for his life due to complications from his stabbing at the hands of George Foyet, a.k.a. "The Reaper," he begins experiencing visions of his late wife, Haley, and his nemesis, Foyet. Meanwhile, the BAU searches for a missing teenager and investigate her estranged father as a suspect in her disappearance.

Guest CastEdit


  • "Only You" by Della Swiss

Bookend QuotesEdit

  • Aaron Hotchner: "Life is a dream, realize it." Mother Theresa


  • The 1947 Buick Special Series Model 41 that was used during Hotch's dream sequences belongs to Joe Mantegna (who portrays the driver, molded in Rossi's image).
  • The episode was made to specifically commemorate 100 episodes since the airing of Nameless, Faceless, in which Hotch is stabbed in his apartment by Foyet.
  • The license plate on the aforementioned Buick reads "509 905", which is a dual reference to 100, the ninth episode of Season Five (which featured Hotch's last confrontation with Foyet), and this episode, the fifth episode of Season Nine. In addition, "905" (the episode's production code) is obviously a mirrored version of "509" (100's production code), further reinforcing the subplot with Hotch, Haley, and Foyet and the episode's connection with the Foyet story-arc as a whole.

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  1. Credited as "Gas Station Attendant"

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