I like to think of these roses as the souls of the forgotten, just like this poor, young man right here.

Roger Roycewood was an abductor and the accomplice of his wife Anita, who appeared in Season Five of Criminal Minds.


Not much is known about Roger, other than he worked as an electrician for his entire adult life. He eventually married Anita Weld, the daughter of a family that owned a funeral home. In 1999, the two, for unspecified reasons, abducted Karla Hartaway from Garrisonville, Virginia, and kept her as if she were their own child. They repeated this abduction process once every following year. Whenever any of the children grew too old or ambivalent, Anita would kill them by drugging them and burning their unconscious bodies in the funeral home's crematorium.

Mosley Lane

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Modus Operandi

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Real-Life Comparison

The scenes of Roger sprinkling the ashes of Anita's victims onto roses as a means of disposal seems to be an obscure reference to Helmuth Schmidt, a suspected serial killer who also cremated the bodies of his victims and disposed the ashes.

Known Victims

Note: All of the dates denote when and where the victims were abducted

  • Virginia:
    • Unspecified date in 1999, Garrisonville: Karla Hartaway
    • September 29, 2000, Rock Creek Park: Jake Wusman
    • Unspecified date in 2001, Bowling Green: Ryan Dowerman
    • March 3, 2002, Leesburg: Charlie Hillridge (escaped on March 3, 2010)
    • February 11, 2003, Arlington: Stephen Shepherd (killed by Anita on March 2, 2010)
    • Unspecified date in 2004, Linden: Dylan Hedgecliff
    • June 12, 2005, Purcellville: Danny Kenman
    • April 4, 2006, Madison: Mae Hall (escaped on March 3, 2010)
    • September 6, 2007, Lueneburg: Kayla Pargrave
    • June 13, 2008, Ashburn: Austin Manford
    • Unspecified date in 2009, Fredericksburg: Hannah Bidon
    • March 2, 2010, Ashburn: Aimee Lynch (escaped the next day)