Roger L. Depue was Unit Chief of the Behavioral Analysis Unit at the FBI


Dr. Depue, one of the pioneers of the FBI's Behavior Science Unit, was first assigned there in 1974 as a Supervisory Special Agent. He served as an instructor and researcher until his promotion to the position of Chief of Behavioral Sciences in 1980, a post he held until his retirement from the FBI in 1989.

His research led him to coin the term "leakage", which basically means that one's fantasies consciously or subconsciously tend to leak out. It also allowstice for the victim was the cold case of Terri Brooks in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She was found brutally murdered with her head wrapped in a trash bag and a knife stuck in her back. A large amount of money was missing so the Detectives ruled it a robbery that went bad. Roger Depue became involved in this case several years later and through case examination, advanced profiling techniques, and an interview of the fiancé, Roger immediately named the fiancé James Keefe, suspect #1. Nobody followed up on this until years later, when the case was reopened with DNA evidence and a signed confession from the fiancé was obtained.

Another case important to Roger Depue was that of James Joseph Richardson, even though Richardson was viewed as a victim of injustice, Roger Depue disagrees and makes a compelling argument why he was actually guilty of killing his seven children.

He has had a rich and varied life, including a period as a police chief, a SWAT team member, and founder of the noted forensics think tank The Academy Group. He was also the advisor of author Thomas Harris for his book Red Dragon and is co-author of the book Between Good and Evil: Meditations from a Life Spent Stalking the Serial Killer.

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