Robert Matthew Burke and Juliet Monroe were a killing team that appeared in ...A Thousand Words.


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Real-Life Comparison

Robert and Juliet were both apparently inspired by Fred and Rosemary West, a serial killer couple who also targeted women. Like Juliet, Rosemary was an accomplice to serial rape and murder committed by her lover and was sexually abused by her father. Like Robert, Fred also committed suicide, though he did it after his apprehension instead of before.

Robert and Juliet also have some similarities to Cameron and Janice Hooker, a couple infamous for the abduction of Colleen Stan, who was held captive, tortured, and raped repeatedly for seven years. Both couples were formed by a sexual sadist husband and a submissive wife with a previous history of abuse, who tolerated or helped her partner in his crimes as a way to spare herself from his abuse and have children.

Mutual Victims

  • Dates further unspecified (all abducted in locations in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama):
    • 2001: Brenda Carlisle
    • 2002: Amy
    • 2003: Michelle Kofflyn
    • 2004: Gail Genesee
    • 2005: Nicole Arbison
    • 2006: Renee
    • 2007: Unnamed victim
    • 2008: Unnamed victim
    • 2009: Emma Marker
  • April 14, 2010: Rebecca Daniels (abducted and held captive; was rescued on May 5)