It's time to kill Steven now.
Whalen to Tess

Raoul Whalen is a sociopathic killer who appeared in Alchemy as the husband and accomplice of budding serial killer Tess Mynock.


Born of Native American descent on July 6, 1950, Raoul was a medicine man operating in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Selling herbal products to customers, he promoted his business through a number of false advertisements; in one, he claimed that his products cured him of prostate cancer. Raoul operated his business under the alias of "Roger Whitcomb". A closet sociopath, he held murderous urges, as evidenced in 2001 when he tried to poison someone with solanine during his medicinal studies. At some point in his life, Raoul was kicked out of the Pine Ridge Reservation. He eventually met Tess Mynock, a woman who sought out his products due to a disease she suffered in which she was sensitive to light as a result of her young son Adam's drowning. She later aided him in advertising his products. The two became close and soon married. Raoul took this opportunity to convince Tess to start her killings. The two used a hotel that Raoul inherited, the Red Creek Lodge, as a backdrop for the murders.


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No specific profile was made of Raoul, since the team was more focused on Tess. They initially briefly described him as a submissive male under the dominant unsub's control, but this assumption was later redacted when the BAU found out that he was manipulating Tess.

Modus Operandi

Since Raoul only killed one person personally, the term "M.O." is somewhat misused. He would usually kill his victims through Tess, with his only direct involvement being performing Native American rituals upon her victims and then disposing their dismembered body parts in remote forests once they were killed. He left the first victim's body parts in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation as revenge for being kicked out. When he killed Amber Moxley, it is unknown how he did so, but afterwards, she was dismembered.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified date in 2001: Unnamed victim (attempted to poison with solanine)
  • 2013:
    • March 6: Raymond Nava (directed Tess to kill him)
    • April 14: Joseph Purl (directed Tess to kill him like the previous victim)
    • May 2:
      • Amber Moxley (incidental; killed by unknown causes, then dismembered post-mortem)
      • Tess Mynock (his wife; assaulted)
      • Chad Dumont (attempted to kill with a cleaver)