Playboy (real name unrevealed) is an incidental character who appeared in Season Four of Criminal Minds.

Background Edit

The captain of a Phoenix street gang named The Twelves, Playboy's brother was killed in the crossfire when a drug bust performed by the Phoenix Police Department went bad. Enraged over his brother's death, Playboy vowed to kill every officer on the force, but this appeared to be an empty threat. When Playboy's lieutenant Bobby Q was murdered on October 29, 2008, Playboy had his name tattooed on his left arm, to honor his fallen friend.

Brothers in Arms Edit

When a serial killer begins murdering police officers, the heavily overburdened Phoenix PD brings Playboy in for questioning, convinced he is the killer, despite the BAU saying otherwise. Interviewing Playboy alongside Lieutenant Evans, Morgan tries getting on the gang leader's good side, saying the cop killer is making The Twelves look bad by running amok in their territory, implicating them. Managing to get Playboy to open up by saying he can help clear him in exchange for information, Playboy mentions he knows of someone who matches the profile of the unsub: the man who murdered Bobby, who was shot in the neck with a .357 Magnum, just like the recently slain officers. Playboy was convinced Bobby's death wasn't gang-related, but the police did not believe him, brushing him off.

Shortly before Playboy is released, he tells Morgan that Bobby's killer took his gold chain after killing him, adding to the implication that Bobby's murderer and the unsub are one and the same, as the unsub took the badges of the officers he killed as trophies. The killer, only known as Animal, is finally caught in an ambush organized by the BAU and police after he tries to kill Hotch. As Animal is being led into the police station, Playboy abruptly rushes through the crowd of onlookers and shoots Animal in the chest with a handgun. The shot kills Animal, thus avenging the deaths of Bobby and, ironically, the very officers he threatened. Playboy is then swarmed and arrested by the attending officers. He was undoubtedly incarcerated for the murder afterwards.

Modus Operandi Edit

Playboy shot his only known victim, Animal, with a pistol. No details were revealed about any of his potential past murders.

Known Victims Edit

  • Possibly killed numerous unnamed others as a gangbanger prior to Brothers in Arms
  • December 11, 2008: Animal

Appearances Edit

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