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Name Pedro Alonso López
Alias The Monster of the Andes
Gender Male
Birth Date October 8, 1948
Place of Birth Santa Isabel, Colombia
Pathology Serial Killer
Serial Rapist
Signature Burying victims' bodies in shallow graves
Modus Operandi Stabbing (originally)
Strangulation (later)
No. of Victims 110-300+
Status Unknown

"I am the man of the century. No one will ever forget me."

Pedro Alonso López, a.k.a. "The Monster of the Andes", is a Colombian criminal who is accused of killing over 100 girls in three different countries. He is considered by many to be one of the world's most prolific serial killers and rapists. His murders coincided with those of another Colombian prolific child killer, Daniel Camargo.

Background Edit

López's mother, Benilda Lopéz De Casteneda, was a prostitute, while his father Midardo Reyes, already married to another woman, was having an affair with Casteneda. López was the seventh of thirteen children. Reyes was shot and killed six months before Lopéz was born, when a rebellious mob attacked the grocery store that he was in. When he was eight, Casteneda caught López molesting his younger sister, resulting in him being kicked out of his house. Days later, he was found by a pedophile, who took him to an abandoned house and repeatedly raped and sodomized him. Four years later, López was taken in by an American family and became a student in a school for orphans, but ran away two years later after he was molested by a teacher. Years later, an adult López began to steal cars and sell them to local chop-shops.

Murders and Arrest Edit

López was eventually caught and sent to prison, where he was brutally gang-raped by four other inmates, an event that deeply traumatized him. Following this, López made a shiv for himself and hunted down his rapists, killing all of them. He was then somehow released from prison. Having no interest in stealing cars anymore, López began abducting and murdering young girls. On one occasion, in Peru, López attempted to abduct a nine-year-old child from an Indian tribe, but he was caught in the act by the tribe. As a result, López was beaten, tortured, and almost buried alive by them, but he was saved when an American missionary intervened and told them to deliver López to the police. The tribe reluctantly agreed and López was subsequently deported to Colombia. Afterwards, he began travelling through the countries of Colombia and Ecuador, abducting and murdering more girls along the way. Police initially believed that slavery and prostitution rings were the culprits behind the cases of the missing children.

Following a flash flood near Ambato, Ecuador, in 1980, the bodies of four of the missing children were uncovered and found. Days later, López attempted to abduct a twelve-year-old girl from a marketplace but failed when her mother caught him with the help of the townspeople, who held him for police. He was arrested and became a suspect in the disappearances of many children across Ecuador. In custody, López remained silent, which frustrated police officers. A priest was sent to stay with López in a cell, and succeeded in talking with López, hearing many stories about real and imagined crimes from him. Police officers eventually took the priest away and confronted him with the evidence of his own admissions, causing him to break down and confess to all of the murders. This admission shocked the police officers, as they believed that no man would be responsible for so many crimes.

López led police to more than 30 graves containing the bodies of his victims. López's body count is popularly believed to be 110, but some have estimated it to be more than 300. Many police officers and reporters have disagreed with the latter estimate, saying that it was still very low, because he had initially cooperated with police, but then became tired and stopped cooperating with the investigation. López was ultimately charged and convicted of 110 murders. During incarceration, he met with fellow Colombian serial killer and rapist Daniel Camargo. In August 31, 1994, López was released from prison on good behavior but was arrested again after murdering a twenty-year-old person two hours after his release. Four years later, he was released again from a psychiatric hospital on good behavior after initially being found insane. His whereabouts are currently unknown, but he is being investigated by Interpol after murdering another person in 2002.

Modus Operandi Edit

"I often followed tourist families and their beautiful blonde daughters."

López targeted young girls aged between eight and twelve. He would stalk the girls for an unknown amount of time and then abduct them. He would bring them to a secluded place, where he would rape and strangle them to death. Afterwards, he would bury their bodies in shallow graves.

Known Victims Edit

"I lost my innocence at age of eight. So I decided to do the same to as many girls as I could."

  • Unspecified date: His unnamed sister (molested only)
  • Unspecified date in 1964: Four unnamed inmates (all stabbed)
  • Unspecified dates from 1969 to 1980:
    • Numerous unnamed girls (all raped and strangled)
    • Unnamed child, 9 (attempted to abduct)
  • Unspecified date in 1980: Unnamed girl, 12 (attempted to abduct)
  • August 31, 1994: Unnamed victim, 20 (strangled)
  • Unspecified date in 2002: Unnamed victim (strangled like the previous victim)

On Criminal Minds Edit

López is similar to prolific, pedophilic serial killer Shane Wyland. Both were drifters active along a mountain range spanning different jurisdictions; targeted children between the ages of eight and twelve years (though López preyed on girls, while Shane targeted boys), who they stalked, abducted, raped, killed, and buried in shallow graves; and became serial killers after a previous stint in prison.

Sources Edit

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