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Paul Mulford was a serial killer, thrill killer, and abductor who killed a number of people alongside his brother Johnny and their uncle Joe. He appeared alongside the former in the Season Two episode "Open Season".


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Modus Operandi

Paul and Johnny targeted fit, young people of both genders whose cars broke down on Highway 2. They would abduct them, take them to the forest, and intentionally release them, giving them a few minutes to run before taking pursuit. They would psychologically torture their victims by allowing their victims to survive for a while with the knowledge that they could die at any time. After catching up to their victims (a process which could take up to roughly a week), Paul and Johnny would shoot them with arrows and make them die slowly, unlike average hunters who end their prey's misery. They would then remove the arrows from their bodies and presumably take their driver's licenses as trophies, though it should be noted that Paul and Johnny didn't do so to their last few victims since they were incidental. After killing Joel and Taylor Brause, he impaled their bodies to tree trunks to hide them.

Known Victims

  • Pre-1988: Josh Bridges (killed by either him or Joe[1])
  • Pre-2002: At least sixteen people killed by him or Joe. Named ones are:
    • Phillip Fitzroy
    • Randy Dillion
    • Colin Bradford
    • Gloria
    • Charles (first name illegible)
    • Hayward (first name obscured)
    • Colby Freeman
    • David Sutterman
    • Brad Jepson
    • -her Osgood (first name partially obscured)
  • March-May 2006:
    • Courtney Jacobs (tortured and shot with an arrow)
    • Shane Everett (tortured and shot with an arrow like the previous victim)
  • 2007:
    • April 28: Alex Harrison (tortured and fatally shot with two arrows)
    • April 30: Bobbi Baird (abducted, tortured, and attempted to kill; was rescued on May 2)
    • May 1: Joel and Taylor Brause (incidental; impaled their bodies to tree trunks after killing them)



  1. Considering that Paul was seven years old at most during the time of Bridges's death, Joe would be the more likely killer