This drug-related article is intended solely for informational purposes as pertaining to Criminal Minds.
It is in no way intended to endorse, advertise, or otherwise glorify the use of these drugs for any reason.
Drugs are bad, m'kay?

Oxycodone (marketed as Oxycontin, Roxycodone, Percodan, or Percocet[1]) is a potent narcotic pain-killer derived from the opiate alkaloid thebain.

It is used to relieve severe, chronic pain. It is typically prescribed in dosages of 5-160mg, with the higher doses only given to long-time users.

Addiction and OverdoseEdit

Oxycodone is highly addictive and its withdrawal effects are similar to those of Heroin. Due to the lack of drug education of the average consumer, oxycodone is often mistakenly compared to Vicodin (hydrocodone) as far as potency. For this reason, inexperienced abusers can easily overdose by taking more than 20mg at one time. For the new patient, 5mg is sufficient to relieve severe pain. Death from overdose is most commonly caused by respiratory arrest and/or fatal serotonin syndrome.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Serial killer George Foyet became addicted to Oxycodone due to using it for his self-inflicted wounds. Family annihilator Trevor Mills used Oxycodone to sedate the minorities he killed, while serial killer John Nichols used it during his attempt on the life of Shane Wyeth. Female serial killer by proxy Bethany Adams accidentally overdosed on it and had to be hospitalized.


  1. When mixed with Acetaminophen

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