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Season 5, Episode 23
Air date May 26, 2010
Written by Erica Messer
Directed by Edward Allen Bernero
"The Internet Is Forever"
"The Longest Night" (Season Six)

"Our Darkest Hour" is the twenty-third episode, and season finale, of Season Five of Criminal Minds.

Summary Edit

The BAU is called to Los Angeles when a serial killer is lured out of hiding after a series of rolling blackouts gives him the perfect opportunity to pursue his victims in the darkness.

Guest Cast Edit

  • Emilee Annine - Annie Danzi
  • Jerome Ro Brooks - Police Officer
  • Ricardo J. Chacon - Lopez
  • Eric Close - Detective Matt Spicer
  • Tim Curry - Billy Flynn
  • Robert Davi - Detective Adam Kurzbard
  • Laura Diaz - Newsanchor Laura (herself)
  • Dar Dixon - Gregory Everson
  • Jeanine Harrington - Carter Danzi's Aunt
  • Pat Harvey - Newsanchor Pat (herself)
  • Austin Highsmith - Kristin Spicer
  • Tina Huang - Reporter
  • Caroline Kinsolving - Sylvia Spicer
  • Maxim Knight - Carter Danzi
  • Paul Magers - Newsanchor Paul (himself)
  • Isabella Murad - Ellie Spicer
  • Brian Phelps - DJ Brian (himself)
  • Linda Purl - Colleen Everson
  • Kent Shocknek - Newsanchor Kent (himself)
  • Mark Thompson - DJ Mark (himself)

Referenced Criminals Edit

Music Edit

  • "I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen

Bookend Quotes Edit

  • Derek Morgan: Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, "And out of the darkness came the hands that reach thro' nature, moulding men."


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