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An Omnivore is a title referring to a category of serial killers that have no specific pattern in victimology, or at least a pattern that is extremely difficult to discern. Omnivores are also stated to be willing to target anyone. It should be noted that rampage killers are practically omnivores themselves, as they usually have no specific victimology, but the Omnivore category is apparently exclusive to only serial killers.

On Criminal Minds

Note: As the Omnivore category is exclusive to only serial killers, rampage killers depicted on the show will be excluded from this list.

  • The Footpath Killer ("Extreme Aggressor" and "Compulsion") - The Footpath Killer targeted random people who coincidentally stopped by at the gas station he owned.
  • Adrian Bale ("Won't Get Fooled Again") - Though not much is specified about his bombings prior to his incarceration, it is possible that Adrian, as a sociopath, randomly picked out his victims.
  • Vincent Perotta ("Natural Born Killer") - Whenever he worked off-duty as a hitman, Perotta would select random people and kill them for the pleasure and thrill of it.
  • Frank Breitkopf ("No Way Out" and "No Way Out II") - During the former part of his killings, Frank was a perfect example of an omnivore, traveling around the country and randomly killing people. However, he had one pattern in victimology that was difficult to discern that Gideon and Garcia had to find it out by grouping the victims by age: Frank usually targeted people aged between 30 and 40.
  • Stanley Howard ("Scared to Death") - Stanley only had one pattern in victimology: he targeted people's worst fear. Otherwise, his victims varied in age and gender.
  • Jason Clark Battle ("Lucky" and "Penelope") - Battle would drive beside a random pedestrian and shoot him or her with a revolver. He would then immediately return to the scene in an attempt to save them, as he suffered from Hero Syndrome.
  • Shooters of the New York Terrorist Cell ("Lo-Fi") - A shooter from the cell would always travel around New York City, randomly pick out a pedestrian, and shoot them at the back of the head at an almost point-blank range with a pocket pistol.
  • Armando Salinas ("Catching Out") - After getting off a freight train, Armando would choose a house located near the railroads that had no to little security, gain entry, and bludgeon the resident(s) to death with an incidental object. It should be noted that Armando later devolves into a spree killer, making his placement in the Omnivore pathology debatable.
  • Eric Olson ("Zoe's Reprise") - Eric's victims would vary in age, gender, and social class. Most of them were seemingly victims of opportunity. This, combined with his greatly varied M.O., caused his murders to go unconnected by the police. It should be noted that Eric later devolves into a spree killer, making his placement in the Omnivore pathology debatable.
  • George Foyet ("Omnivore", "...And Back", "Nameless, Faceless", and "100") - During the former part of his killings, George was a perfect example of an omnivore, randomly killing couples in Boston. He was also noted to kill lone victims, such as his own girlfriend, killed to throw local authorities off of him in case they suspected him.
  • Earl Bulford ("The Eyes Have It") - Aside from his first murder, which was done spontaneously, Earl randomly chose one to two victims and waited until they were at a secluded location before ambushing them, killing them, and removing their eyes. It should be noted that Earl later devolves into a spree killer, making his placement in the Omnivore pathology debatable.
  • Miranda Jakar ("Outfoxed") - During her initial murders in Europe, Miranda attacked random people while undergoing psychotic breaks induced by her post-traumatic stress disorder. It should be noted that Miranda later devolves into a spree killer, making her placement in the Omnivore pathology debatable.
  • Connor O'Brien ("Public Enemy") - Connor would arrive at a public location, randomly choose a person to kill, and then slash said person's throat, killing him or her. It should be noted that Connor later devolves into a spree killer, making his placement in the Omnivore pathology debatable.
  • Chase Whitaker ("Epilogue") - Presumably because of the negative influence his lymphoma had on his strength and durability, Chase switched his victim preference of heavy-built, dark-haired males to more random victims. It should be noted that Chase later devolves into a spree killer, making his placement in the Omnivore pathology debatable.
  • Izzy Rogers ("Hit" and "Run") - As a bank robber, Izzy would fatally shoot a random hostage after finishing her robberies. These victims were always shot in the stomach to ensure they bleed out and suffer a slow, painful death.
  • Bryan Hughes ("Magnum Opus") - In his delusion to acquire blood as paint for his paintings, Bryan had no preferential blood type and targeted random people as a result. It should be noted that Bryan later devolves into a spree killer, making his placement in the Omnivore pathology debatable.
  • Tivon Askari ("200" and "The Forever People") - Askari tortured and/or killed numerous random people and captives, for the pure pleasure of it. Some of the victims who were tortured would die from the excessive amount of it.
  • David Cunningham ("Rabid") - David would abduct random people off the streets in order to infect them with rabies and then record them as they suffered and eventually died from the disease.
  • Joe Bachner ("The Edge of Winter") - Joe would charm random people frequenting bars and other locations into following him before abducting them and taking them to his house, where he and his captive-turned-partner Daria Samsen would torture them for long periods of time. Afterwards, Joe would kill them.
  • Jacob DuFour ("Internal Affairs") - Jacob would target random people along the U.S.-Mexico border, kill them to satisfy his delusional need of wearing their faces, and cover up their deaths as results of fighting between drug cartels. He would later start killing DEA agents that arrived at his general store. However, he didn’t actually know they were agents. They were sent by Brian Cochran, who had learned of Jacob's activities as a serial killer and was capitalizing on this opportunity to cover up his involvement with the Libertad Cartel.
  • Sara McLean ("Unforgettable") - Sara would poison random people working for the U.S. federal government, hoping to cover up the deaths as the work of a Russian assassin. The intent was to cover up her husband Alex's death, as he was a federal employee who was worth $5 million of insurance money.
  • Jess Carney ("Submerged") - Due to his delusion in which he believed he was a pirate, Jess would target random homeowners (specifically ones who had backyard pools with diving boards), drowning them in their pools and would steal valuable items from them afterwards to put into the local lake where his best friend died during his childhood.

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