I'd gut him from crotch to chin. Then leave his intestines open for the animals. After, I send his left hand to his wife, his eyes to his mother, and his tongue to his kids, with a note saying that their papa died wetting himself. A coward.
Morales to Hotch

Omar Morales is a drug trafficker and the leader of a drug cartel, who appeared as a suspect for Ronald Boyd's killings in "A Rite of Passage".


Morales was a member of the Lugo Cartel, a Mexican drug cartel, and presumably the leader of the branch in the Texas-Mexico border since the other members seemed loyal enough to congregate around the local police station in protest upon his arrest. Little else is known about his life.

A Rite of Passage

On April 12, 2010, he is arrested by Texan authorities under the suspicion of murdering and decapitating three illegal immigrants as they make their way into the U.S. However, Morales denies being the culprit before providing details on how he treats his victims post-mortem, which happens to be much gorier than decapitation. Because of this and also a lack of evidence that he was responsible for the killings, he is released. The aforementioned method would be used by Ronald Boyd after he killed Sheriff Eva Ruiz in an attempt to frame him and the Lugo Cartel. Morales is later seen at the Lugo Cartel headquarters, a garage. Boyd and Deputy Clyde Gentry arrive at the garage, preparing to arrest him when Boyd snaps and kills three cartel members before encountering Morales himself. After mocking Boyd, Morales attempts to flee, only to be shot twice and killed. After murdering Deputy Gentry, who accompanied him, Boyd places the revolver he used to kill the deputy into Morales's hand as means of framing him more. However, the BAU already discern Boyd as the unsub and are eventually forced to kill him upon tracking him down.