It's always the same old thing. Good old Oley. He's a hell of a ball player but he's as crazy as a loon.
Oley on the town's reaction to him

Oley Maynor is an incidental character who was briefly a suspect for the murders committed by Eddie Mays. He appeared in Blood Hungry.


Oley was born on September 5, 1980, and raised in Harringtonville, Tennessee. He was frequently picked on by local residents, including his father, but was very close to his brother, Jessie. He later became Harringtonville High School's top football player. At the age of eighteen, he was arrested for biting the heads off of live chickens. He was later placed in a mental institution in Richmond, Virginia, where he was treated for manic depression until he was released three weeks prior to "Blood Hungry". He then returned to Harringtonville "to say goodbye" and covertly moved in with Jess.

Blood Hungry

Oley became a suspect for the murders committed by Eddie Mays due to his history of mental illness and prior violence towards animals. When Elle, Morgan, and the local sheriff receive a tip from Mary Mays, the mother of the actual killer, Eddie Mays, they go to Jess' butchery to question him. At first, Jess claims that Oley wasn't there. It turns out that Oley is actually hiding in a meat freezer. After a brief standoff, Oley surrenders and allows himself to be questioned. Jess is very protective of him, believing they are trying to pin the crimes on Oley. As the interview progresses, it becomes obvious to the BAU that Oley is not the killer. Eventually, Oley makes it clear that he is tired of having to sneak around and despite Jess's objections, wanted to go to a proper institution where he could receive treatment.


  • Although JJ says Oley was arrested when he was eighteen, his arrest record says he was arrested on November 7, 1999, which would place his age at nineteen at the time.