Oleg Zatsepin is a Russian-American actor.


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On Criminal MindsEdit

Zatsepin portrayed confrontational poacher and murder victim Bob Joplin in the Season Twelve episode In the Dark.


  • Criminal Minds - In the Dark (2017) TV episode - Bob Joplin
  • In the Drink (2010) as El Diablo (short)
  • Party Down (2009) as Joe
  • The Shift (2008) as Favio (short)
  • Side Order of Life (2007) as Cleaning Man
  • Without a Trace (2007) as Driver
  • My Name Is Earl (2006) as Hispanic Randy
  • The Night Before the Morning After (2006) as DEA Officer (short)
  • In Justice (2006) as Store Owner (credited as Oleg Zatesepin)
  • Mexican Werewolf in Texas (2005) as Male Radio Voice (voice)
  • Yes, Dear (2005) as Peter
  • Juarez, Mexico (2005) as Cop (video)
  • NCIS (2004) as Sal Balducci
  • Scrubs (2004) as Mover
  • Monk (2004) as Vince
  • The District (2003) as Bulldozer Driver
  • Taco Bender (2003) as El Diablo (short)
  • Snitch'd (2003) as Blacky/Campus Guard (video)
  • George Lopez (2002) as Roberto Crotchett (credited as Oleg Zatesepin)
  • 8 Simple Rules (2002) as Care Bear
  • Boomtown (2002) as Oleg
  • Bulldog (2002) as Frances
  • After Freedom (2002) as George
  • First Monday (2002) as Alfeda Javez
  • Killers 2: The Beast (2002) as Vitaly the Guard (video)
  • Boston Public (2002) as Guard
  • Big Shots (2001) as Russian Hitman (credited as Oleg Zatesepin)
  • JAG (2001) as Card Trick Player
  • Faith and the Water Dog (2000) as Man #3 (credited as Oleg Zatesepin)
  • Now Eat (2000) as Toby (video)
  • Bikini Traffic School (1998) as Jo Jo (video)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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