Nicole Jones is an abductor and accomplice of killer Sue Walsh, who appeared in Gabby.


Little is known about Nicole's past, other than she somehow came into the "disrupted adoption" criminal business, taking in children who were quickly given away by overwhelmed adoptive parents by saying that she knew how to deal with troubled kids. She also seemed to be acquainted with Michelle Fader and Michael Feehan, a criminal duo also involved in disrupted adoption.


In the episode, Nicole seals a deal with Sue Walsh to take Gabby Hoffer, whom Sue is watching, off her hands. She abducts Gabby while Sue is at a convenience store, purchasing food and drinks. When investigators searching for Gabby begins to close in, Nicole panics and goes to Michelle and Michael, the former having also offered to take Gabby from Sue, and gives Gabby away to her. The BAU later arrive at Nicole's residence, where they confront her in a barn. When asked where Gabby is, Nicole replies that she is gone. She is last seen being arrested.

Modus Operandi

Nicole abducted Gabby by driving her dark van beside Sue's car, blocking it from the view of security cameras. She then snatched Gabby from the backseat of Sue's car and then drove off.

Known Victims

  • Presumably abducted numerous unnamed children prior to "Gabby"
  • February 18, 2014: Gabby Hoffer (abducted and gave away; was rescued the next day)


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