Look, we drew our stars upside-down, get drunk and listen to metal, that's it! Hey, we don't kill people!

Michael "Mike" Zizzo was an incidental character who appeared in The Popular Kids.


Mike's life before The Popular Kids is not described, other than that he formed the Lords of Destruction at some point in his life. The Lords of Destruction was a self-proclaimed, cult-like Satanic group, which located itself in the woods not far from the small town of McAllister, Virginia. He was the oldest member of the group, being in his early 20s while the other members were in their late teens. They apparently never committed any serious crimes, but just drank, danced to metal music, and drew inverted pentagrams for fun. Though he claims to be a Satanist, he would later argue that the word Satan is ancient Hebrew for opposer and that he claimed to be as such to show his dislike for the local religious community. When Cory Bridges, a local student, killed Adam Lloyd, a high school jock, and his girlfriend Cherish Hanson, a cheerleader, taking the latter's corpse, he had already taken precautions to make it look like the LOD were responsible; he lit a set of candles and let them burn until they were partially molten and painted LOD and a pentagram in red paint on a tree near the location of a dead body. The body was not a murder victim, but a tourist who died when he accidentally fell. Local high school students would sometimes visit the body and watch it decompose for fun.

The Popular Kids

When the BAU arrived and gave the profile, Cory told them about the LOD, having been there once. When local cops and the BAU raid the cabin at which the club meet, they find all of the members partying, with Zizzo standing alone on an altar in a dramatic fashion. During the interrogation, Mike remains very calm and almost arrogant. When he is shown a note left behind by Cory reading "Satan commands a virgin must be sacrificed at midnight", he only chuckles. When asked why he thought it was funny, he said smugly that Cherish Hanson being called a "virgin" was the funny part. When shown crime scene photos of the candles and LOD pentagram on the tree, Mike becomes very defensive and insists that neither he nor the LOD was responsible. They are then exonerated when Gideon learns the truth about the body from another student. Mike is not seen for the rest of the episode but was presumably released and continued to run his group.