Michael Russo is a mob boss who hired serial killer and hitman Vincent Perotta in Season One of Criminal Minds.


Russo was a mob boss in Baltimore, Maryland. A small-time mobster, Freddy Condore, and an undercover police officer, Jimmy Baker, worked for him until Russo became wary of Baker's true occupation. He hired his hitman, Vincent Perotta, to kill Condore and Baker.

Natural Born Killer

In "Natural Born Killer", Vincent kills Condore (along with his uncle and aunt) and abducts Baker, torturing him and leaving him for dead. When Josh Cramer and the BAU tell Russo that Vincent is becoming more paranoid, he dismisses the issue until later that night. He calls Perotta from a "secure line" and tells him to meet him at his office. This ruse contributes to Vincent's arrest by the BAU, followed by Baker's rescue. He isn't mentioned afterwards but was presumably arrested by the Organized Crime Unit for his involvement in the crimes.

Known Victims

All of the following were victims by proxy

  • Presumably killed numerous unnamed victims by proxy prior to "Natural Born Killer"
  • 2005, Baltimore, Maryland: The following were killed by Vincent Perotta:
    • November 14: Frederick Condore and his family:
      • Helen and William DiMarco (Frederick's aunt and uncle, respectively)
        • Helen DiMarco (throat was slashed; was not tortured)
        • William DiMarco (was tortured, then disemboweled)
      • Frederick Condore (target victim; abducted, tortured, and fatally dismembered)
    • November 15-16: James Baker (target victim; abducted, tortured, and left for dead; was rescued)