Michael LaMontagne is the second son of NPD Detective William LaMontagne, Jr. and SSA Jennifer Jareau, and a recurring character on Criminal Minds.

Season Ten

In the wake of Kate's pregnancy, JJ informed Reid in The Hunt that she was pregnant with another baby and he could expect another godson or goddaughter, much to his happiness and surprise. Her pregnancy leads to her temporarily leaving the BAU on a maternity leave.

Season Eleven

Michael made a cameo appearance alongside his mother in the premiere episode The Job, in which he is seen sleeping in her arms as she talks with Hotch on the phone.

He later made another cameo appearance in the finale episode The Storm. Following Hotch's arrest for conspiracy, he is carried into the BAU's conference room by his mother before being carried out again by his father.

Season Twelve

In Sick Day, Michael became sick while his mother was away on a case, leaving Will to take care of him alone.