Mark Harrington Semos is a U.S. Navy SEAL-turned-actor.


Semos was born in Alexandria, Virginia, on October 6, 1978. As an adult, he became a U.S. Navy SEAL. After being discharged, he became involved with the entertainment industry. He started out as a stuntman for TV shows (including Criminal Minds) and feature films (including Jurassic World). Then, Semos became a technical adviser for the TV series One Man Army and the films Lone Survivor and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He then moved on to acting and starred in minor roles in films and TV shows.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Semos portrayed a few minor characters in the series, usually related to local law enforcement. He first portrayed a SWAT agent in the Season Ten episode Lockdown. Then, he portrayed a Federal Protection Service (FPS) leader in the Season Eleven episode The Witness. He next portrayed a hitman named Zac Rubenis in the Season Eleven episode Entropy. Prior to that, Semos had done some stunt work for the show in Seasons Six, Ten, and Eleven.


  • Patriots Day (2016) as FBI Hostage Rescue Team Officer
  • Criminal Minds - 3 episodes (2015-2016) TV episodes - Various Characters:
  • The Badass Security Handbook (2015) as Dark Operator (short)
  • Banshee (2015) as Marine Shotgun
  • The Date Escape (2014) as Mark Cross (short)
  • Captain Phillips (2013) as Navy SEAL Group
  • Major Crimes (2012) as Sniper


  • Live to Tell (2016) - Producer (TV series documentary)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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