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Marc Bossley is an American actor.


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On Criminal MindsEdit

Bossley portrayed Fire Captain Danny Wales in the Season Four episode House on Fire.


  • Fathers and Sons (2010) as Matt (video short)
  • Bad Grief (2010) as Lead Thief (video short)
  • Balls (2010) as Man in Suit (video short)
  • Gay as in Retarded (2010) as Anderton (video short)
  • The Skyjacker That Got Away (2009) as D.B. Cooper (TV documentary)
  • Criminal Minds - House on Fire (2009) TV episode - Fire Captain Danny Wales
  • LG15: The Resistance (2008) as Agent Aliziano
  • Expendable (2008) as John Vice (short)
  • Tres (2007) as Domino Playing Man (short)
  • Unidentified (2006) as Randy
  • Blood + Kisses (2005) as Detective
  • Guilty or Innocent? (2005) as Todd Hellenbrand
  • Look Away (2004) as Father (short)
  • Los jornaleros (2003) as Warehouse Foreman
  • Date or Disaster (2003) as Sock Puppet Actor (short)
  • The Last Race (2002) as Cop (short)
  • Charmed (2001) as Officer
  • Telling You (1998) as Tommy Spahn
  • Unsolved Mysteries (1990) as Radio Operator
  • Island Son (1990) as Paramedic (2 episodes)
  • Tour of Duty (1987-1988) as Medic (2 episodes, credited as Marc Bosslee)


  • A Hero's Heart (2002) (video short)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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